Queen Elizabeth congratulates the launch of the Platinum Jubilee – SABC News

Queen Elizabeth congratulates all those who participated in the Platinum Jubilee four days before the beauty pageant, banquet, event and public holiday to celebrate her 70th year on the British throne.

Millions across Britain and around the world are expected to take part in a program starting on Thursday to honor the 96-year-old, who ruled longer than anyone before him, the government said.

“Congratulations to everyone involved in bringing together community, family, neighbors and friends to celebrate my Jubilee Platinum, in the United Kingdom and across the Commonwealth,” Elizabeth said in a statement.

“I continue to be inspired by the kindness shown to me, and hope that the coming days will provide an opportunity to reflect on all that has happened in the last 70 years, as we with confidence and enthusiasm for the future. “

However, in the sign of the royal years going on with the phrase ‘recent changes’ that led to the cancellation of some alliances, Elizabeth herself with the event may be small.

The festival kicks off with a military parade of Trooping the Color in central London, and for the first time Elizabeth will receive greetings from soldiers and 1,500 dignitaries from across the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Other family members, including the son and heir to Prince Charles, 73, and his eldest son, Prince William, 39, will be working on other programs in his name, although the focus will be on will not come.

The second son of Prince Andrew, 62, who was convicted in the US in February of sexually assaulting a minor, will not attend.

His grandson, Prince Harry, who now lives with his American wife in Los Angeles, will not be present when the royal family gathers on the palace grounds to view the Royal Air Force’s modern and historic aircraft during the march after.

Guns will also be celebrated in London, across Britain on the Royal Navy naval ship in the middle of the afternoon, where an evening signal will be delivered across town in the Commonwealth, the leading queen of Principal Platinum Beacon Jubilee with her. Windsor Castle is at home.

Polls show he is still popular and respected among his subjects, a survey this week showed eight out of ten people have a positive view of him, another found that three-quarters thought he did a good job as a queen.

Friday will see the Thanksgiving service at London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, where on Saturday the royal family will go to the Epsom Derby horse race.

Later, there will be a performance outside Buckingham Palace, featuring the likes of rock Queen, American R&B singer Alicia Keys, and US singer Diana Ross.

On Sunday, officials said more than 16,000 street rallies would be held in Britain, and the British government said there would be about 600 “Great Jubilee Meals” in 80 countries from Greenland to New Zealand.

The festival will close with a pageant from the British capital.

Mary-Jane Willows, 69, from Cornwall, south-west England, a camper and supermarket, leads to Buckingham Palace, where lamps and Union flags are hoisted.

“Without a queen, Britain will be Britain, but it makes it great. It supports everything I am proud of.”

Not everyone will participate in the program though. An anti-royal media outlet, the Republic, which puts the message “Make Elizabeth the last” on a billboard across Britain, said the survey showed that more than half of the population is not interested in jubilee.

But, for musicians like American Donna Werner, 70, who moved from Connecticut to Connecticut and camped at a mall, the royal family and Elizabeth are still fascinated.

Werner, who regularly came to Britain for royal ceremonies during his first trip back in 1986, said: “It was a great example. to be a queen. “

Queen Elizabeth congratulates the launch of the Platinum Jubilee – SABC News

Source link Queen Elizabeth congratulates the launch of the Platinum Jubilee – SABC News

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