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South Africa will celebrate the 28th anniversary of its democracy on 27 April 2022, achieved through the struggle of many symbols. Former South African President Nelson Mandela has spoken out about the struggle for equality for all South Africans.

Below are some excerpts from his speech before and after South Africa:

“Only through hardship, sacrifice and fighting can freedom be achieved. Struggle is my life. I will continue to fight for freedom until the end of my days.” (From a press release issued by Mandela, explaining his decision to continue his underground political career, 26 June 1961)

“Many have suffered for the love of freedom. I cannot sell my firstborn, nor am I willing to sell my sons to be free. Your freedom cannot be taken away from me. ” (Excerpt from Mandela’s letter, rejecting the government’s gift of freedom, his daughter Zindzi read his name at a public meeting at Jabulani Stadium, Soweto, on 10 February 1985)

“Our struggle has come at a crucial time. We call on all people to take the time to make democracy fast and uninterrupted. We have long waited for our freedom. We can no longer wait. Our journey to freedom will not change. We do not want to be intimidated. ” (Discussion on his release from prison, Cape Town, 11 February 1990)

“We move forward. I speak for freedom throughout my life. Your struggles, your promises and your warnings have left me standing before you today. will move us to a free, non-racial, democratic, united South Africa in which we worked hard and died. ” (Speaking at a conference in Soweto, 13 February 1990)

“Ever since my release, I have been convinced more than ever that the true historians are the ordinary men and women of our country. Their commitment to any future decision is only a guarantee of good democracy and freedom. ” (Speech and session in Durban, 25 February 1990)

“I have traveled a long way in this city, met people, talked to children, the elderly, everyone I could touch or see. Everyone wants peace. Everyone wants a better life. Everyone wants to work together. ” (Speech and Midrand Cultural Dinner, shortly before his first democratic election, 7 April 1994)

“The time to heal has arrived. The time has come to put an end to the chaos that divides us. Never, ever will this beautiful land ever experience the oppression of one another and suffer the skunk of the world. Let freedom reign. The sun never sets on those wonderful works! ” (Introduction, Pretoria, May 10, 1994)

– SA Government

Quote from former president Mandela on independence in SA – SABC News

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