R10 000 Absa ATM spills leave people divided

The apparent Absa ATM operation which saw the machine withdraw notes worth R10 000 has left many divided.


The split wasn’t really about crime but two brothers who discovered notes covering the Absa ATM on the ground and decided to tell the story.

The duo, Alysia, 32 and Shane Mowers, 28, were shocked when they encountered the floor full of R50, R100 and R200 notes when they visited an Absa ATM in Oudtshborn, in the Klein Karoo region, Western Cape on 19 July.

Real cash withdrawals by Absa ATMs in the Western Cape.


However, the two brothers obediently resisted any temptation to pocket the money, and instead informed the local police.

Depending on Story 24 Alysia said that the person watching her made her take the money; However, he refused, saying that, “I am not touching this money,” he said.

The reason it is stable is that the money may be a personal loan transaction that is not legitimate.

News24 reported that Alisia, who is also a teacher, told her class about the incident which left them depressed.

This incident is shown ABS. The report shows that an investigation into the matter revealed that the money was leaked from the ATM due to an incomplete transaction.

Although this is an isolated incident, Absa regional director for physical channels, Pholushi Malesa advised customers using ATMs to ensure that their transactions are completed properly before leaving.

Also, all parties including the client who reported the incident are involved with the bank.

Police spokesperson Malcolm Pojie told News24 that no case was reported to the police. The police also came to know about the incident through social media.

Social media was left divided over the brothers’ stance.

Thato Matseke said: “For a government employee, it must be dangerous but for an unemployed person. Imagine losing your job, health benefits and pension plus +/- 10k. No that’s like a salary”.

“Their ancestors will be turning in their graves, they don’t deserve this.”

Hlozi Nkisi

Sakhile Matthews Mtshalu said: “They must be arrested”.

However, Kåråbêlô Maśøťė opposed this idea. He said: “They will be caught if they take it because the bank will find out and start looking for them. Remember there are cameras in the bank, so they did a great job.”

What do you think?

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R10 000 Absa ATM spills leave people divided

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