Radio legend Kevin Savage passes away

Radio legend Kevin Savage died Saturday after battling cancer. He was 69.

HotFM, his latest home on the airwaves, confirmed his death on Twitter. For more than four decades Kevin has become a household name and voice in South Africa. His career took him from Capital Radio to 5FM and a million voices. He was one of the most notable artists for a lifestyle show Top Billing.

Social media was intertwined with an homage to Kevin, but none was as playful as another legend, Darren Scottto write on Facebook:

“Kevin Savage is the reason I had a 38-year radio career. While I was still in school, I listened to Kevin every day Capital Radio 604. I realized then, I wanted to work on this radio station. I started sending Kevin’s letters (yes, those were WhatsApps and last day emails) with my own Top 40’s and the odd KFC voucher (my dad was an MD on KFC at the time). “

Darren continued: “One afternoon, our phone rang, and my mum answered. She came to my room and said, “There’s a guy named Kevin Savage on the phone for you”. I thought she was taking the piss, until I realized she would have no idea who Kevin Savage was.

Kevin called to thank me for the vouchers and invited me to sit in on his show. That was the beginning of mentoring that would eventually give me the profession I have loved for almost 4 decades! ”

“From sitting on Kevin’s program for the first time (he would always invite me back), to get his coffee, to get his records, to compile his music for the show…. When Zola Budd ran for the UK in the 84 Olympics (at 3am US), no Capital DJ wanted to do the “special graveyard” they had planned that night. Kevin convinced them to give me that show. They agreed. My first ever “real” radio show!

“The most influential thing that will always stay in my mind when it comes to my career is that Kevin sat with me all that night…. while his wife Janhad has just given birth to their first son Jamie…. from midnight to 6am, and “keep my hand” through the whole show. “

“I would go on to produce Kevin’s show, to be his regular show, and eventually imitate my mentor by doing Drive and The Breakfast Show on Capital.

We will continue to work together at 5FM and Hot FM, but through it all, he has remained my friend and mentor. ”

“The way I do radio is related to the way Kevin Savage taught me. And I will always be honored to have him as my mentor. I am convinced that my trip to CT to see him was not promised and that Jan had finished in time to spend time with him before he died. ”

“Everything I have achieved in radio is indebted to this man. The radio in this country is indebted to him. He was certainly one of the nobles. I will always miss you Sav. And I will never forget you. Eternal peace my friend. ”

* Article written by Darren Scott and Hein Kaiser

Radio legend Kevin Savage passes away Source link Radio legend Kevin Savage passes away

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