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Rainy weather conditions are easing in KwaZulu-Natal – SABC News

Residents of KwaZulu-Natal can breathe a sigh of relief as rainy weather is expected to ease from Tuesday.

According to the South African Meteorological Service, cloudy weather is expected in the north-eastern part of the province, with a 30% chance of rain.

The rest of the range will keep the temperature cool for the rest of the week.

According to forecaster Ayanda Nsele, “Well, today we have a 30% chance of showers in the far northeast of KZN. Otherwise, it will mostly be variable cloudy, cool, or cold in the western landscapes. The sky will be partly cloudy until Thursday, with mostly cool and warm weather expected. No alarms or heavy rains are expected this week, just normal general rains that are expected over the weekend. ”

SA Weather Tuesday, April 19, 2022:

Saved traffic

Traffic in and around Durban is congested on and off several major highways.

Last week the floods caused severe damage more main and arterial roads and highways throughout the province.

Mudguards, debris and blurred bridges cause congestion through alternative routes and toll gates.

Police are asking motorists for caution and patience.

A subway police spokesman, Parbhoo Sewpersadh, said: “We have noticed that several roads have been opened, but there have been congestion on road sections. Some motorists do not follow the instructions of the police. They turn back and oppose the traffic. Please refrain from doing so, as this will only increase congestion and bottlenecks. Roads are starting to open in different places. Motorists must be vigilant, watch traffic reports and always follow the instructions of the police. ”

The Red Cross is providing 6 million rupees in aid

According to the Red Cross in KwaZulu-Natal, 2,600 people are being provided with food, mattresses and blankets in community halls in seven districts of the province after becoming homeless due to last week’s floods.

The Red Cross provided Rs 6 million for this purpose.

The organization is one of ten foundations and organizations that attended an event in KwaDukuza to offer their support to flood victims in Ilembe District. At least 30 people died there.

Siyabonga Hlatswayo, Red Cross manager, said the government, civil society and the private sector need to join forces to build communities and infrastructure that are resilient to climate change by 2030.

“At least in the post-2030 period, we will have better infrastructure that can withstand the current weather changes. We are also watching global warming because it seems to be a big challenge for us. So he tells us we need to change our attitude to things, we need to change things.

Meanwhile, experts say the current weather patterns in the province are attributable to climate change.

Professor Jeff Smithers, director of the Water Resources Research Center at KwaZulu-Natal University, talks about climate change and floods:

-Further report by Dries Liebenberg

Rainy weather conditions are easing in KwaZulu-Natal – SABC News

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