Ramaphosa on crime spike and record load shedding in South Africa

President Cyril Ramaphosa has reiterated the government’s assurances that it will take steps to address all the challenges facing the country, including the challenges facing Eskom and growing crime.

He spoke on Monday on the riverbank in the Emlotheni Township at Veeplaas in Gqeberha, where he led the activities of the national Nelson Mandela Day.

“Yes, we are currently overwhelmed by a number of challenges. Some of them are security related and the police are now taking action against a number of people who are doing wrong things. Be it at Eskom, or it’s killing people in taverns. All of this is now being tackled fairly strongly and firmly.

“The things that are happening now that are causing people anger, that are making people afraid, will be addressed and are being addressed now when we talk about energy to crime, to disruption … all those things are being addressed. And I hope we can restore the dust of this nation, “he said.

Regarding the problems facing the state network, Eskom, President Ramaphosa said he has held several meetings with the top management of the utility.

“The crisis we are going through now is caused by a number of factors and you can never identify one. It is a multitude of factors, of missed opportunities or missed actions and we will address that. Soon we will have something to say about it. addressing the full spectrum of what we are dealing with and how we believe we can move forward.

“I will meet people in business. I will meet the unions and I will also meet a whole lot of organizations so that we can bring an understanding of how we should move forward,” he said.

On Mandela Day and its significance, President Ramaphosa said the day is a moment in which South Africans must reflect on the ideals advocated by the former late president.

“Today is a very special day in our annual calendar where we think of the father of our democracy and nation, Nelson Mandela. Where we need to remember him is in terms of the values ​​he stood for and in terms of the work he has done for the vulnerable, the majority of our people.

“This is a day where we need to rededicate ourselves to the values ​​that Nelson Mandela stood for … and rededicate ourselves to building a South Africa that Nelson Mandela wanted to see,” he said.

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Ramaphosa on crime spike and record load shedding in South Africa

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