Rape case against Euphonik, DJ Fresh dropped, ‘Nampree’ reacts

Twitter user’s case against Fresh and Euphonik DJs “Nampree”And the accused says that was exactly what she expected to happen.

Tweeting in response to an article by City Press, Nampree said: “Just as I expected. I said this is the result. If you return the same rejected slip and do not correct or remove the lies written by the unknown PI from Botswana… ”

She then linked back with a tweet from her from April this year stating that she had received an SMS informing her that her slip had been sent to the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) to be determined.

“I don’t even know my new Investigating Officer, or even their name, but my slip is being sent. Again they will say ‘not enough evidence to prosecute’ when no evidence has been gathered in the [first] where, ”she said.

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According to City PressThe case was withdrawn last week for the second time because the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) returned the slip to the police and refused to prosecute.

“I cannot wait until the day when we can press charges against police who do not do their job. How do you send the same slip that was ‘without enough evidence’ and expect another result? ” ar si.

In January 2021, Nampree accused Fresh and Euphonik she allegedly gave her drugs and rape 11 years ago and opened a case against them.

The NPA dismissed the case a month later because of “insufficient evidence”.

Nampree took to social media a year later, backed by his legal representative, Brenda Madumise-Pajibo, to claim that police the case reopened in January 2022.

An NPA regional spokesman for North Gauteng Lumka Mahanjana later said he Citizen there was no change in the status of the case at the time.

“The status quo remains the same, no new information has come to light,” Mahanjana said in a statement.

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“However, where there is no prosecution, there may be strands of investigation that were not initially pursued due to time constraints, for example, to see if they can find anything new. It could lead to a rethink, “Mahanjana told him.

This means that the case has not been officially reopened as previously reported.

However, Mahanjane confirmed that The Citizen he did not rule out the possibility of establishing this or a particular case if an investigation provided further evidence.

Rape case against Euphonik, DJ Fresh dropped, ‘Nampree’ reacts Source link Rape case against Euphonik, DJ Fresh dropped, ‘Nampree’ reacts

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