Rashizwe reveals that his new Pega “dribbles” him

Rashizwe I decided to spill tea about what was happening in his relationship with his new Bae.

The star has shared on social media that he has a broken heart.

At first, people felt he had a quarrel with his man, but he said he couldn’t cope with the fact that he was absent without him.

The day passed Rashizwe I filled his Instagram story with sober videos that made me cry.

Now, he came out to tell the world that his Kosapé and he dribbled came from the horse’s mouth.

The comedian, along with comedian Remi Roko, announced this live on his Instagram, talking about what happened between him and his new Pe, and heartbroken him.

He accepted the defeat on Twitter and said he “updated the scoreboard”, with a Xhosa man taking the lead. Then he posted another video of him incredibly.

At live Rashizwe He said he had dropped off his pe at the airport as he was heading to Cape Town.

After saying goodbye Rashizwe I decided to get my hair down and go out with my friends.

To my surprise, he bumped into him at a chill spot called the Great Dane.

He said: “I’ve never done so much for a man. You leave him at the airport and then let me go out with a friend saying you’re just cool, and then you’re in Great Dane I hit him. ”

“Our relationship was like two seconds ago, but I knew you in a good year and you were trying to go with me for 6 months … I gave you a chance and I We were with each other for 6 months. When I dropped you off at the airport, I met you in Great Dane. For the flight I booked for you. “

Rashizwe He continues his story saying he’s not really grieving and doesn’t really know what to feel.

Rashizwe reveals that his new Pega “dribbles” him

Source link Rashizwe reveals that his new Pega “dribbles” him

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