Red Hat CEO: Remote working is ‘another day’ in the open source world.

Red Hat CEO and President Paul Cormier reviewed the past two years in a speech at this week’s Red Hat Summit. “Globally, we have seen virtually every industry transition to 100% teleworking overnight.”

Organizations of all industries and sizes have learned how to operate both virtual and on-demand. Businesses had to offer products and services to customers without physical store space. We’ve seen new tech hubs pop up in unexpected places as workers no longer have to be based in a specific city. New remote workers realized they didn’t have to be tied to a physical office, and organizations focused on hiring new talent based on skills, not location.

This is not a trivial achievement, and this way of working was unfamiliar to those who did not adapt to the pandemic (global pandemic) era. In the open source world, it was just another day.

All open source projects are remote and started from scratch. Take a look at the Linux Foundation, which supports over 2,300 projects. In 2021, the project had more than 28,000 active contributors, more than 29 million lines of code added weekly, and community participants from virtually every country in the world. Although most of these contributors will not meet face-to-face, they can still drive the next generation of open technologies.

Whether we realize it or not, our achievements during the pandemic have brought us closer to the open source model, which is why open source innovations are driving much of the software world today. With this new way of working, we have seen new revenue streams, new ways to be more efficient, and new ways to engage with our customers. Hoping to get to the end of a very difficult few years, now is the time to speed up. It’s time to use the lessons learned and applied as you go digital first to improve your business, culture and global community.

The term “new normal” is now used as if it were predetermined and static. Not like that. You will define a new standard. What do you want your business to look like? How do you want to embrace the next generation of IT?

Red Hat CEO: Remote working is ‘another day’ in the open source world.

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