Red Star – More than just a racetrack

The Red Star Treadmill on the outskirts of Delmas is well known as a racing lane and track school, but Mpumalanga Motor Sports is much more than that, it has become a multi-destination and lifestyle resort for gas stations and theirs. Families.

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For local motorsport lovers, Red Star Treadmill (RSR) is known for its fascinating races, huge spectator value (through well-organized and supported events), quality training, plus fun and entertainment for families. But that’s only half the story … Owners since 2009 Red Star Treadmill It has continuously developed and updated its facilities to become one of the best and most desirable racing tracks in Africa.

Conveniently located from OR Tambo Airport just 34 km east of Johannesburg (complex is located next to N12), Red Star Treadmill Has a tight, winding layout consisting of 5 straight and 13 angles; This two-way trail was created to provide a challenge for competitors (drivers and riders of all skill levels) as well as maximum spectator value.

The main stand provides the best seat in the house – it overlooks not only the start-finish line, but also gives a great view of the hairpin. The track surface was chosen to limit tire degradation and painlessly maintained and cleaned after each race meeting to provide the best experience for customers, riders / riders and spectators.

Track facilities include The Square Restaurant, which offers all the proven favorites, from burgers to dumplings to wrappers and salads, Turn 14 – a fully equipped bar – and Trend Bend, which includes motorcycle equipment, including racing tires and accessories.

Red Star Treadmill Hosts numerous motorsports clubs and championships (for two-wheelers and four-wheelers), but activities are certainly not limited to weekends. The extended complex hosts various training programs, track days and other activities.

Has 400 m jogging and 400 m run, Red Star TreadmillThe traction strip is part of the main circuit, so the particularly smooth surface is given the same care and attention.

In turn, skating allows drivers to safely use their skills in low-grip conditions (it simulates wet weather in which slipping and aquaplaning can occur) so they can recognize grip loss and learn to regain control of the car. Avoid road accidents.

In the meantime, an exercise track for amateurs and professionals will be organized; The swimming pan is part of the course so that driving enthusiasts can “turn around and spend the day.”

Track days are scheduled for Wednesdays and Fridays for cars and bikes, while Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for bikes. Car Track Day is hosted on the last Sunday of each month.

Horseman training is usually scheduled for Sundays. The courses offered cover all levels of competence: Beginner, Beginner Level 2, Intermediate and Advanced. The Red Star equestrian instructors are all very experienced riders and will help you feel at ease in the shortest amount of time!

Other two-wheeled activities include traveling and having fun on the BMX & Freestyle dirt track.

Which really sets Red Star Treadmill Aside from most races in South Africa, it is not simply a major motorsport facility; It gradually turned into a full-fledged lifestyle resort, full of expensive accommodation, camping and many amenities.

The owners say that is one of their main goals Red Star Treadmill There was an environment in which families could use the complex as well as riders / drivers. Ideally, Red Star Treadmill It is not just a place to visit for a day, but a place where you, your friends and / or family can stay and enjoy everything the complex has to offer.

There are different forms of accommodation in the red star. The newly built RSR Lodge, for example, includes 10 luxuriously appointed 3-person rooms with a double bed, a sofa bed, a TV with full DSTV package, wifi, air conditioning, cutlery and appliances, a boom, an indoor braai area and its own bathroom.

There are also six RSR cabins that are cleverly finished 2-person wooden huts with their own bathrooms (including bathrooms). Blocks 3 and 5 are equipped with 2 single beds, while 1, 2, 4 and 6 are equipped with double beds. In addition, patrons can book nine standard wooden huts with 2 single beds. Bryce facilities are provided.

Moreover, Red Star Treadmill It also offers a well-equipped 40-seat camping area, which is complemented by a swimming pool, as well as entertainment and children’s play areas.

The complex also offers other non-motorsport-oriented activities; You can take the kids to the Aviary and join the tour guide every Saturday and Sunday at 3pm. Other programs such as Red Star Running, including mileage in the park, as well as bike routes, add to the lifestyle.

Suffice it to say Red Star Treadmill Has many more plans for future development. With its friendly and supportive staff, Red Star Raceway always wants to accommodate companies, groups and individuals who want to take advantage of its location and facilities (including hiring an executive pit and storage container) as well as hosting special events.

Visit them Website Make reservations and / or ask questions to find out more, including upcoming events. You can also find it on the Red Star Raceway YouTube, Instagram And Facebook.

Red Star – More than just a racetrack

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