Rescued ‘pet’ tiger is becoming increasingly popular in the animal kingdom

Like a little four-year-old, the Frida the Bengal tiger was spotted chained in a parking lot in Mexico City, dirty, tired and unable to walk.

Rescued and recaptured, it is now a renowned zoo in the Reino Animal Kingdom (Animal Kingdom) along with hundreds of other endangered animals from the misleading Mexican “wildlife” owners – including pharmacists show the show.

Far from the Asian jungle where he was, Frida had recovered so well that “he no longer suffered,” park ranger Agustin Bastida said as the tigress gave a big lie.

Lying on the grass, he looked uninterested in people removing him from the other side of the fence.

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A leopard pet

Frida is one of six large cats among the 1,100 animals – 40% of which are domesticated – in a park in Otumba, northeast of Mexico’s capital.

Its inhabitants include zebras, giraffes, wolves and various species of birds.

According to authorities, about 150 to 200 wild animals are captured in Mexico City each year, usually after reports from neighbors.

Some of the worst are drug lords like Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who owns monkeys called “Boots.”

At one major rescue in 2007, crew breaking the “narco-mansion” found two jaguars, two leopards, two lions and a macaque, according to Lucio Garcia Gil, PROFEPA chief environmental officer for Mexico City.

“There are a lot of rare birds, such as macaws or parrots, birds, a lot of primates and big cats; it’s something we’ve found that people have,”

he told AFP.

Two large cats and megacity were rescued in 2021 and four – including a lion cub – have been rescued so far this year.

$ 5 000 (about R79 000) for a lion

According to Gil, leopards or lions sell for about $ 1,000 and $ 5,000 on the Mexican black market.

Mexican law allows people to buy dangerous animals from registered traders “as long as they are protected and given proper protection,” he told AFP.

“It’s unfortunate’s hard for anyone to handle these situations,” he said.

he said.

Illegal property is a fine of up to nine years or a fine of up to $ 15,000, although Gil said he could not remember anyone who had gone to jail.

Keeping big cats is expensive – they can eat up to 30 kilograms of meat (66 66) a day, and many owners eventually abandon the animal.

Like lions or jaguars, the Bengals – grown to more than one meter in height and can weigh up to 600 pounds (570 pounds) – are not easy to get along with removing their fingers and toes so as not to damage their environment, or its owners.

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‘They Are Not Pets’

According to the UN Environment Program, global animal trade generates an estimated $ 23 billion annually.

It is the seventh-largest illegal trade, according to Washington-based Global Financial Integrity.

In Mexico City, favored commercial animals that are rescued from zoos and parks are transported as a 53-acre (130-acre) animal kingdom to the northeast west of the capital.

In the case of Frida, she was put on a broken hip, which had completely healed her.

Says Bastida: “She could not walk, she was very upset.

“People buy these animals to keep them as pets, but they are not pets.”

he added.

“They must be in the woods or in a field where the conditions are right for a good life.”

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Rescued ‘pet’ tiger is becoming increasingly popular in the animal kingdom

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