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Residents can return home when damage is assessed

With the Cape fire now declared under control, the time has come for the City and residents affected by the devastating fire to assess the extensive damage suffered over the past three days.

Residents and students evacuated from the University of Cape Town (UCT) are now urged to begin returning to their homes and residences (the latter under the direction of the university) and assessments have started to determine the extent of the damage to infrastructure. around the affected areas.

Firefighting efforts continue in areas such as Deer Park and the Disa Park towers in Vredehoek, with crews able to watch for possible outbreaks, but Jermaine Carelse of the city’s fire and rescue services said no homes were in immediate danger.

He, however, urged the public to stay away from areas where fire teams remain ready to deal with any new threats.

The Cape Town fire causes significant damage

In an update provided by the Cape Town Disaster Risk Management team on Tuesday, April 20, it was announced that coordinated efforts have started to pick up the pieces after the fire tore apart several buildings and large parts of the Table Mountain Nature Preserve.

“The city’s Disaster Risk Management Center coordinated joint damage assessments to initiate repairs to roads and other city infrastructure damaged by the Rhodes Memorial fire,” they said, adding that the solid waste management had been activated to remove debris from the fire.

They said the Department of Electricity reported that no major damage was done to the medium-voltage infrastructure, but the overhead lines of the affected buildings were damaged.

Evacuated residents are allowed to return home

Several road closures remain in place, but the outgoing Philip Kgosana Drive and all links to the outgoing Philip Kgosana at Roeland Street have been reopened.

Disaster Risk Management said the Environmental Health Department is currently sampling the water at the Molteno Reservoir “to ensure that the ash from the fire does not affect the quality of the water.”

“During the last night, evacuated residents were given the green light to return home,” they said.

“The DRMC would like to thank the Neighborhood Watchers for helping us during the evacuation call. This is a clear indication that working with DRM volunteers and neighborhood observers builds resilience in the event of a major incident. “

Residents can return home when damage is assessed

SourceResidents can return home when damage is assessed

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