RHOD Viewers Love How Mabusi Handled ‘Spoilt Brat’ Jojo

RHOD viewers love how the spoiled Mabusi Brat Jojo was handled

Viewers seem to believe that Mabusi deserves to be an official cast member of the Real Housewives Of Durban (RHOD) because sis knows everyone on the streets and is an expert at putting people in their way. place quickly.

In the recent program, the team still had a lot to say about Londie’s London tour. The women were not comfortable with the questions asked of them when Londie was under confession. So Jojo was feeling guilty for leaving her husband and decided to take him out for a picnic.

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During their romantic journey, the couple discussed what happened to the trip and how Jojo was not comfortable with the question asked. The question was “how do you feel about being married to an old man.”

Now she felt that it was Mabusi who asked the question as she was the one who had referred to her husband as an old man in the past. So she decided to invite her to lunch. Yoooh, I do not know that you know your onions better when you eat with the woman around the streets.

So the lunch date came and Jojo was never ready! Remember when she spoke to her husband she said that she was 99% sure that Yoni’s distributor had asked the question. She was ready to face the truth while waiting for Mabusi and said: “Today is the day I brought Mabusi to my estate.”

When distributor Yoni arrived she couldn’t help but noticed that she was giving her a look. When her guest arrived she wasted no time and went straight to the point telling Mabusi that she did not want to refer to her husband as an “old man”.

She said she felt she was the one who asked the question. Mabusi denied asking the question and said she was also offended that the women felt their bags were fake. Jojo then admitted that he was the one who asked the question.

Asking her question Jojo said she did not know her. “I do not know you, I do not know if you are rich. These bags are like 30, 40 grand. ”

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Mabusi then responded by saying that she is not rich that she is just a hard worker. Jojo stressed that hard workers cannot afford expensive brands.

Then Mabusi closed it saying: “I can afford it. You are just a spoiled wife who gets anything she wants. And I buy for myself. ”

Eish, that hit hard now. She left lunch like that then. Well, the streets of Twitter were unable to shut their mouths and continued to praise Mabusi with some people saying she deserved a permanent and official place on the show.

Check out the reactions below:

RHOD Viewers Love How Mabusi Handled ‘Spoilt Brat’ Jojo Source link RHOD Viewers Love How Mabusi Handled ‘Spoilt Brat’ Jojo

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