Richard Branson plans to build a unique hotel on Mallorca

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There is no big stop Sir Richard Branson. He turned to building a luxury hotel in the Sombunora Estate parcel of Mallorca. This adds to his vast list of luxury properties.

Branson plans to transform the existing Finca building on the plot into a super-luxury 29-bedroom hotel.

Not a stranger to the hotel industry, Branson also owns real estate in Kenya, the British Virgin Islands, Morocco, South Africa and the Swiss Alps.

According to the source of the virgin who spoke to Mallorca Daily Bulletin, The hotel will open in 2023.

“We have now been granted permission to develop the Finca Building of Sonbunyola Estate into a small luxury 29-bedroom hotel. Construction work began later this spring and opened in 2023, Banyalbu. We hope to revive the beautiful historic Mallorca building in one of the oldest areas of Farr, “sources said.

“There’s no more detail about the hotel, but knowing Branson makes it luxurious and state-of-the-art. Of course, I’m sure he will maintain Mallorca’s charm,” the source added. It was.

according to Daily mailBranson bought the property in Sombunora in 1987, but sold it in 2002 after being denied permission to build a luxury boutique hotel on the land.

He bought back real estate for £ 11 million in 2015 when it returned to the market.

Virgin has not released an official answer to the development of the hotel.

However, visitors can stay in three luxurious villas, Sa Terra Rotja, Sa Punta de S’Aguila and Son Balagueret, surrounded by approximately 275 hectares on site.

Richard Branson plans to build a unique hotel on Mallorca

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