Rivers Angels, Hasaacas secure qualification in the Total Energies CAF Women’s Champions League

River Angels qualified for the first CAF Women’s Champions League in Egypt later this year.

The Port-Harcourt-based team won the title after beating Amis du Monde FC of Togo 5-1 in a WAFU B semi-final qualifier on Monday in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

Maryann Ezenagu, Deborah Abiodun, Damilola Koku, and Cynthia Aku gave the River Angels a comfortable victory.

The River Angelsadvancedto the semi-finals after completing top of Group B following an agreeabletriumph over Ghana’s Hasaacas and the Nigerian Police Sports Association.

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Rivers Angels, Hasaacas secure qualification in the TotalEnergies CAF Women's Champions League

The Nigeria Women’s Champions League will face Ghana’s Hasaacas in the final on Thursday, August 5.

Both Rivers Angels and Hasaacas have booked a ticket to represent the CAF Women’s League region.

Nigeria’s River Angels and Ghana’s Hasaacas Ladies have secured their places in the girls’ TotalEnergies CAF Women’s Champions League later this year after reaching the WAFU B qualifiers on Monday night.

Both teams have won their semi-finals in the six-team WAFU B qualifiers at the Robert Champroux Stadium in the Ivorian capital Abidjan.

On Monday, rivers Angles booked their place in the final after beating Togolese side Amis Du Monde 5-1 as Hasaacas beat USFA of Burkina Faso 2-0 to reach the final.

How Maryann Ezenagu Contributed To the Success of Nigerian Champions

The multi-player reinforcement by Maryann Ezenagu helped guide the Nigerian champions to success. It secured them a place in the girls’ tournament to be played in Egypt later this year.

The Togolese provided strong resistance before being interrupted by goalkeeper Ame Lila Amouklou in the 17th minute, who gave Deborah Abiodun an opening goal after failing to memorize the midfielder’s header from a free kick.

Ezenagu doubled the Angels’ lead five minutes later with another header after the talented midfielder met the corner with his first goal of the night.

The Togolese team has thrown many women forward in search of a goal to renew their hopes in the match, but strikers Kossiwa Atoyi and Akou Azinogo have not been able to thwart the Nigerian defense.

The angels return from vacation determined to continue their rule and provoke the attack of the Togolese invaders.

This paid off in the 64th minute with Iyabo Koku’s 3-0 strike before his replacement Cynthia Aku put the Angels in control in the 75th minute.

Opposing the match, Amis du Monde put the goal back with a penalty that captain Nathalie Badate cleverly answered after a player, Azinogo, was fouled in the box.

There was plenty of time for Ezenagu to score his second goal of the game after skipping two defenders at speed before dismissing a piledriver over goalkeeper Amouklou.

Ezenagu was nominated as the best player for his outstanding performance in the Nigerian jungle.

The Match between Hasaacas Ladies of Ghana and USFA of Burkina

Earlier in the day, the Hasaacas Ladies of Ghana reached the final of the tournament when they beat USFA of Burkina Faso 2-0 at the same stadium.

After fully dominating the semifinals, the Sekondi-based club secured a seat in the final on Thursday and won a seat in the first match in Egypt.

Rivers Angels, Hasaacas secure qualification in the TotalEnergies CAF Women's Champions League

Goals from half of Veronica Appiah and midfielder Doris Boaduwaa blocked Hasaacas’ total dominance from the start of the match.

The Ghanaians could have won the game by a wide margin but changed most of the scoring chances in the first 30 minutes, with the Burkinabes not giving a threat to the attack.

Goalkeeper Pascaline Da needed to be in excellent form to block long-range efforts from Boaduwaa and Appiah after talented midfielder Evelyn Badu exposed USFA defenders for his 20th-minute tactic.For more information on sport news, follow this link.

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The USFA shot-stopper was hit a few minutes later when Badu got on well with Faustina Aidoo. Still, defender Rafiatou Ouedraogo removed the final kick from the line.

The Hasaacas midfielder hit his free-kick to Perpetual Agyeman facing the defenders in the 35h minute before a similar attempt by Boaduwaa came out of the car.

The Ghanaians could not be stopped before the break as Badu split the Burkinabe defense with a thrilling pass to Aidoo, who hit his two markers before crossing Appiah, who was empowered to head over to prevent a setback.

The Hasaacas are back from holiday determined to extend their lead and were rewarded for their perseverance as Ghana midfielders met in the 58th minute with Boaduwaa squeezing the ball over goalkeeper Da.

The Burkinabes pushed many women forward in their quest to bring them back into the game, but the defense in central Hasaacas was surprised by Captain Janet Agyir’s bluntness.

Badu was named Woman of the Match for her exciting performance during the match.

With WAFU B the only regional team to present two teams in the TotalEnergies CAF Women’s Champions League, the two finalists are ready for Egypt.

The Rivers Angels will face the Hasaacas Ladies in Thursday’s final, and USFA will play Amis du Monde in third place at the same venue on the same day.

The Rivers Angels qualifiers have increased the number of CAF Women’s League teams to four places behind which are;

  • WadiDegla FC (Egypt)
  • ASFAR (Morocco)
  • AS Mandé (Mali)
  • Hasaacas Ladies FC (Ghana).

The TotalEnergies CAF Women’s Champions League will be held later this year in Egypt.

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