Rugby field renamed in honor of Siya Kolisi [Video]

Ah, we all love a bit of video content, don’t we? It’s engaging, exciting, and a different way of consuming content. We also love consuming as much news as possible to keep up to date, but we have busy lives. So if we get a taste of what’s happening in a short period of time, we would consider that a win. Enter: what’s new in a minute, a segment we’re very proud of and know you’ll love as much as we do.

So if you are looking for The South African’s youtube channel, you are just a click away. Or if you’d love to get your daily dose right here then look no further… We’ve got all the video content you’re looking for right here with a quick illustrative version of all the news you need to stay up to date! From a man riding in the back of a truck to the latest political developments, sports updates and entertainment news, we’ve got a video for everyone, so why not check it out?

It’s Friday May 6th, 2022 and here’s your news in a minute!


Video: The South African YouTube Channel

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If you really enjoyed the News in a Minute video above and can’t get enough, we have a list of videos below to fully satisfy your appetite. Enjoy watching!

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Rugby field renamed in honor of Siya Kolisi [Video]

Source link Rugby field renamed in honor of Siya Kolisi [Video]

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