“Russia must leave and shut up”: Gavin Williamson’s biggest failure | Gavin Williamson

NSAvin Williamson’s career in the cabinet is fraught with clichés, likening him to the unfortunate 1970s Sitcom character Frank Spencer. Here are his five most notable moments of public ignorance.

A-level blunder

During the 2020 Covid crisis, no one doubted that it would be difficult to arrange another way to replace exam scores with another way to evaluate A-level students. However, Williamson endorsed the combination of computer algorithms and teacher ratings, first accused of ignoring the warning that it would be a problem, and then clearly marked unfair.Was inevitably U-turn after 48 hoursHowever, much of the damage to both student college opportunities and public confidence has been done.

Dismissed due to leak

In another situation, which would have sunk the careers of almost every other politician forever, Williamson Dismissed as Minister of Defense The then Prime Minister who brought him to the Cabinet initially as Prime Minister by Theresa May in 2019. May has “convincing” evidence that Williamson has leaked information from a highly confidential National Security Council meeting about the involvement of Chinese telecommunications company Huawei in the UK’s 5G network. Said he saw. Williamson admitted that he had spoken to the media, but refused to discuss anything about the meeting.

“Russia must leave and shut up”

It is no exaggeration to say that Williamson was worried that he lacked the gravity needed to become Defense Minister before he was fired.This impression crystallized in March 2018 During Q & A After a speech in Bristol. Asked about the expulsion of Russian intelligence from Britain after the Salisbury nerve agent attack, Williamson condemned Russia’s actions before saying, “Frankly, Russia should leave and shut down.” bottom.

School and Covid

While it is argued that many of the major decisions in areas such as school closures and catch-up attempts were made primarily in Downing Street, trade unions are less confident about many issues related to Williamson and his department. Would say there wasn’t. We provide it to students who need laptops and other technologies to help Covid become more secure when school reopens.

Don’t meet Marcus Rashford

latest Unpleasant moment It came last week when Williamson told the Evening Standards that he had a zoom meeting with Manchester United soccer player Marcus Rashford, a prominent activist on child poverty. Later, his aide corrected this. In fact, he met a completely different black sportsman, rugby player Maro Itoje. In an interview the next morning, Care Minister Helen Whately was asked if Raab was incompetent or racist and initially said “I don’t know.” She then added that Williamson was a racist “sounds very unlikely.”

“Russia must leave and shut up”: Gavin Williamson’s biggest failure | Gavin Williamson

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