Russian-backed separatists Donetsk People’s Republic inaugurate ’embassy’ in Moscow

A police officer walks past the grounds of the embassy of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, the eastern Ukrainian breakaway region.

  • A group of separatists in Ukraine has unveiled an embassy in Moscow.
  • The Embassy of the People’s Donetsk is located next to the diplomatic missions of several countries.
  • Russia began an invasion of Ukraine in February.

Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine inaugurated their “embassy” in Moscow on Tuesday as the Kremlin pushes ahead with its offensive in the pro-Western country.

President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of Ukraine’s breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk a few days before ordering the start of Moscow’s intervention on 24 February.

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On Tuesday, the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk unveiled its “embassy” in central Moscow, alongside diplomatic missions from several Western countries.

Top Russian officials did not attend the ceremony due to an intensified police presence.

The head of the breakaway region’s Foreign Ministry, Natalya Nikanorova, said the situation at the site had worsened in recent days, so they chose a modest ceremony.

Separatist officials have long said they want their regions to eventually join Russia, but Nikanorova said on Tuesday that the main goal was “to liberate the republic”.

“Then there will be a referendum,” she told reporters during a joint appearance with DNR “ambassador” Olga Makeyeva.

In late June, Moscow-allied Syria also recognized the independence of Ukraine’s two separatist regions, making it the first state other than Russia to do so.

Nikanorova said the breakaway region was now in talks with North Korea over possible recognition.

The unveiling of the separatist representative office took place on the 139th day of Russia’s offensive in Ukraine.

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Russian-backed separatists Donetsk People’s Republic inaugurate ’embassy’ in Moscow

Source link Russian-backed separatists Donetsk People’s Republic inaugurate ’embassy’ in Moscow

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