SA has 25,065 active cases of Covid-19

South Africa there are 25,065 active cases of Covid-19, out of a total of 3.973,086 reported cases, 3.846,597 recovered and 101,424 deaths.

23,814 tests have been performed in the last 24 hours, with 2,093 new tests cases of the known Covid-19, which has a 8.8% positivity rate. The country also reported 27 deaths, 8 of which occurred in the last 24-48 hours.

Moderna announces positive results for the Omicron vaccine

US biotechnology company Moderna on Wednesday announced positive results for a new vaccine that targets Covid-19 and Omicron, and sees the shot as its “main candidate” for a booster this fall.

The so-called “diphtheria” vaccine was tested in a trial of 814 adults and was shown to produce 1.75 times more neutralizing antibodies specific to Omicron, which have the power to prevent infection, compared to Moderna’s original Spikevax vaccine .

All participants had previously received three doses of Spikevax, and then just over half went on to receive a fourth dose of the biopsy shot and the remainder received another dose of Spikevax. Antibody levels were tested a month later.

The group that received the new shot also received slightly better protection on the Covid-19 ancestor pan compared to Spikevax – although the original Covid has long since gone out of circulation.

“We are extremely pleased,” Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna said in a statement, adding that he expected this vaccine to be the company’s main authorized candidate as a booster this fall.

“We want to be as ready as August for shipping,” he told investors in a call.

The results were welcomed by experts, who agreed that the Moderna vaccine is now the leading runner as a booster, although some people warned.

“We won’t know about clinical results until later this year,” tweeted Eric Topol, a physician and scientist at the Scripps Research Translational Institute. The study only deals with antibody levels, which are considered to be a useful proxy for how a vaccine will work, but which cannot be accurately predicted.

Pioneering infections have increased since the advent of Omicron in late 2021, with vaccine makers hoping to restore efficacy to previous levels, even as first – generation vaccines continue to provide good protection against serious diseases and on death.

Additional reporting from AFP

SA has 25,065 active cases of Covid-19 Source link SA has 25,065 active cases of Covid-19

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