SA musician who tried Amapiano

Amapiano is more than just a genre, it’s a movement, the biggest and most dominant sound in South Africa.

Between 2020 and 2021, this sound received an amazing reputation at the international level. Thanks to Kabza De Small, Busta 929, MFR Souls and more.

Some SA musicians saw how loud the sound was, tried to see if it worked, and tried the sound.

Some artists now have the face of a famous genre, while others are trying to confront that genre.

Let’s take a look at some of the artists who have tried Amapiano, including those who have tried to revive their careers with Amapiano.

1. Major League Baseball DJz

Major League Baseball DJz Is known for having spent many years in the industry and has been quite successful. However, music producers experimented with this genre and handled it well, so with the weekly release of the Amapiano mix, known as the balcony mix, they abandoned the hip-hop genre and became the top Amapiano DJz.


Casper NyobestThe move to Amapiano was controversial as rappers touted the genre and at some point mock mock mock the SA hip-hop industry. Mufasa released amapiano singles and soon to release the amapiano project. It’s a schedule.

3. Coulis Chana

Kuri Chana Casper’s friend has also released a song by Amapiano.

4. DJ Mahorisa

South African versatile music producers are known to work in all SA genres. Lawd Phori is a seasonal artist because he jumps at the loud sounds that dominate a particular season. Currently, he has a strong Amapiano because he is teaming up with Cabza de Small. The name of their group is Scorpion Kings.

5. Heavy K

Heavy K followed DJ Maphorisa’s advice to abandon house music for Amapiano. House DJ experimented with recent gigs, played house music, and then drifted to the Amapiano sound, impressing the audience. Heavy K then returned to social media and announced that there was an amapiano project along the way.

For other artists who hint at dropping Amapiano songs, Lady Dhamar And Donald (Collaboration with DJ Lady Du). Meanwhile, Reece Madlisa also revealed that rap star Reece will work with him on Amapiano songs.

SA musician who tried Amapiano

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