SA proposes opposition to UN resolution on humanitarian consequences of war in Ukraine – SABC News

South Africa has submitted a counter-draft resolution to the UN General Assembly seeking to address the humanitarian consequences war in Ukraine.

The text, written by SA, was issued after a French and Mexican resolution was circulated to member states demanding the immediate cessation of hostilities by the Russian Federation in Ukraine, in particular targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure.

Russia-Ukraine | South Africa proposes opposite draft resolution to UN General Assembly

SA abstained, along with 34 other member states in the previous GA referendum, which, by an overwhelming majority, lamented Russia’s aggression and demanded the immediate and complete withdrawal of its troops from Ukraine.

Pretoria’s position is that the UN must take decisions and actions that would lead to a constructive outcome that contributes to the creation of lasting peace between the parties.

South Africa cited the imbalance in the previous GA resolution, which drew controversial Pretoria abstention and demanded that the humanitarian text put forward by Western nations not be political. The Western Humanitarian Draft refers to a previous resolution adopted by 141 member states and refers to the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine, while mourning the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of the Moscow war.

The draft in South Africa does not mention Russia, but calls for an immediate end to hostilities by all parties, and calls for political dialogue, negotiations and mediation.

The British delegation to the UN responded to the SA draft by arguing that all significant humanitarian resolutions must recognize Russia’s war in causing Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis, adding that any text that does not acknowledge this fact closes its eyes to Russia’s brutal methods.

As the war draws to a close in the first month, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that Ukrainians are facing a living hell …

“We have seen terrible human suffering and destruction in cities, towns and villages. Systematic bombings that cause civilians to terrorize. Shootings at hospitals, schools, apartment buildings and shelters. And all of this is growing – becoming more destructive and unpredictable every hour. Ten million Ukrainians have been forced out of their homes and are leaving. But the war is going nowhere, fast. For more than two weeks, Mariupol has been surrounded by the Russian army and has been blown up, shot and attacked. Why? Even if Mariupol falls, Ukraine can not be conquered city by city, street by street, house by house.

He said the war was unworkable but one that would have repercussions around the world due to rising food, energy and fertilizer prices that could turn into an international famine crisis …

“The only question is: How many more lives will have to be lost? How many more bombs must fall? How many Mariupolum need to spend? How many Ukrainians and Russians will be killed before everyone realizes that this war has no winners – only losers? How many more people have to die in Ukraine and how many people around the world have to face hunger for this to stop? Continuing the war in Ukraine is morally unacceptable, politically indefensible and militarily nonsense. What I said from this pulpit almost a month ago should be even clearer today. On any scale, even with the smartest calculations, it’s time to stop fighting now and give peace a chance. It is time to end this ridiculous war. “

The UN General Assembly will once again hold its special emergency meeting in Ukraine on Wednesday, where a draft of Western humanitarian issues will be discussed and voted on in the coming days.

It is unclear at this stage how South Africa intends to proceed with its draft, just as Russia now confirms to SABC News that it has called for its own humanitarian draft resolution to be put to a vote on Wednesday.

The vote, which was postponed from last Friday due to a lack of support, is still unlikely to receive at least nine votes in the council.

SA proposes opposition to UN resolution on humanitarian consequences of war in Ukraine – SABC News

Source link SA proposes opposition to UN resolution on humanitarian consequences of war in Ukraine – SABC News

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