SA Records 1187 New COVIDs-19 Cases, 59 Deaths-SABC News

South Africa has recorded 1187 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases to 1586148.

There are an additional 59 COVID-19-related deaths in the country, with 54511 deaths nationwide.

In a statement, Health Minister Zwelli Mukize said: Northern Cape 1 and Western Cape 3 have killed a total of 54,511 people. “

Currently, the recovery rate is 1 509 656 and the recovery rate is 95%.

The number of vaccines given to healthcare professionals is currently 339655.

Latest SA Statistics:

Meanwhile, health expert Dr. Ramnik Alwaria emphasized the importance of continuing the vaccination program despite the emergence of new coronavirus variants around the world.

It appears to be more infectious in the younger age group after medical sector concerns about the first variant detected in India. South Africans have expressed concern after travelers from India tested positive for COVID-19 in SA.

The person reportedly did not have a variant of COVID-19 found in India..

Dr. Ahluwalia says vaccines need to be given to fight the coronavirus.

“The virus tends to survive only by mutating, so it can fight human immunity. What we are trying to evaluate is that vaccination-induced immunity is strong enough. Whether the virus continuously mutates to levels that could further evade its immunity. It is premature to say that our vaccine is ineffective. At this point, the vaccine is emotional and the vaccine Vaccination is a way to control the virus, so we need to support a vaccination program. “

SA Records 1187 New COVIDs-19 Cases, 59 Deaths-SABC News

Source link SA Records 1187 New COVIDs-19 Cases, 59 Deaths-SABC News

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