SA represents a singer who may be homeless

Last week, it was reported that South African singer Zahara was in financial trouble and could return home soon. The star was accused of not paying rent to Roodepoort’s home and the bank that evicted him which threatened to take the property back and put it up for sale.

Since the news was circulated, many supporters have gathered to show their support.

Zahara is another star standing in her home

It is no secret that many artists in South Africa strive to earn a living.

Over the past few months, many singers and actors have spoken out about their financial struggles and how they can no longer afford anything.

A new artist accused of facing financial problems is singer Loliwe Zahara. Last week City Press reported that the bank was planning to sell its house because of non-payment.

According to reports, he spent more than R17k on a house he had bought using a mortgage loan for R1.9 million.

This means that the star has not been able to pay for the last six months.

Mzansi is upset

Since the story began, many of his supporters have expressed frustration over his ongoing struggle after winning his six SAMA awards just a few weeks ago.

Many have suggested that money be set aside to help the psalmist return to his former glory.

Here are some of their statements:

@ Xavier__101 said:

“They can sell your house but not your guitar.”

@DrPhomolo asked:

“What can we do for Zahara like CBD Twitter? It may not be home soon. That is our queen there.”

@ _ShaunKeyz · said:

“I do not like what is happening Zaharahe is very talented, he should not do all these things. “

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SA represents a singer who may be homeless

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