SABC denies claims of Tbo Touch’s solid R480,000 salary

SABC has a garbage claim to accept Tbo Touch At one station they would cost a hefty 480,000 a month.

The star left the station about six years ago to launch his own digital station Touch HD and now two sources told Sunday World that Tbo Touch He returned to Metro FM with a monthly paycheck of 480,000 rubles, which SABC said was misleading.

In a move to the Metro FM website, SABC issued a brief statement denying claims that they would pay Tbo Touch This amount is added monthly, adding that they do not pay for car supplements and other benefits, especially for part-time workers.

“The Public Broadcaster denies this deliberate misinformation because it is misleading and in fact incorrect. The CEO of SABC is not involved in the negotiations as this is the case for program managers and business managers. In addition, SABC does not pay car allowance and other donated benefits to freelancers.

The broadcaster said it was adhering to the regulator’s strict guidelines dictating the quality of its employees ’remuneration.

“SABC radio stations are guided by standardized freelancers’ tariffs approved by the Executive Committee, at which no one can earn even half the amount quoted in the newspaper. Finally, independent contractors do not engage with sales and sponsorship requirements because SABC does not have a commission scheme that includes individuals outside of sales staff.

SABC denies claims of Tbo Touch’s solid R480,000 salary

Source link SABC denies claims of Tbo Touch’s solid R480,000 salary

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