Sbahle Mpisane alleged that he was “chasing” Khune’s wife

Sbahle Mpisane has hit back at social media claims that she is trying to “pursue” her now-married ex-boyfriend Iumeleng Khune.

This, after the health guru and Shauwn’s daughter “MaMkhize”, admitted that he lied to the media about his ignorance when he developed amnesia following his 2018 car accident.

In an Instagram Live video last week, the trainer says she harassed reporters who asked questions about their split. At that time, Sbahle Mpisane said Tshisalive he could not “remember it clearly” as the reason for their separation.

However, on his IG Live, Sbahle says that the split was “amicable” and that he did, indeed, remember Khune.

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Taking to Instagram again, Sbahle Mpisane has hit back at stories about her past relationships.

Sbahle lashed out at tweeps who accused her of trying to get involved with the “happily married” Khune.

He said: “People say that I am chasing people, trying to be proper, it is very stupid. People will want to picture you as a married man running around.. imagine!”

Instead, Andile Mpisane’s younger sister revealed that she was answering fans’ questions about her past relationship.

Sbahle Mpisane continued: “His name will come out because you guys like to raise his name”. Defending his own behavior, he said: “I don’t bother anyone, I always come in peace… I don’t understand why people want to say bad things”.


Sbahle Mpisane also wants to set the record straight with reports saying he “lied about having amnesia”.

On why he lied that amnesia was the reason for Khune’s separation, Sbahle said: “I was explaining for my own peace, I decided not to say publicly the reason for our separation , but just to deceive you, you will say that I have not forgotten anything. Obviously, that is an easy way out.”

Sbahle – whose father is controversial businessman Sbu Mpisane – said he “didn’t fake” having amnesia.

He continued: “I’m coming forward today just to let you know that I have amnesia. But it is clear that the people who talk to me every day, my family, I have not forgotten them”.

He added in the subject of his letter: “I don’t lie about my amnesia, but yes, it is my shield from all the billions of questions thrown at me in 2019. I will never fully recover from my amnesia, the doctors will fully recovered. understand if I have important memories.”

Sbahle Mpisane alleged that he was “chasing” Khune’s wife

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