Sbahle Mpisane joins 5KM walk

Subare Mupisane Decided to attend the 5KM Walk tomorrow, June 12th, at Sun Coast Beach in Durban.

The fitness bunny said she was ready to empower women and children with walking, asking fans and followers to join her.

The star is still recovering after the horrific car accident of 2018, but she’s ready to do everything she needs.

Sbahle encouraged others to get their necessities in accordance with COVID-19 regulations and join her.

She wrote: “Take a walk with me, step by step towards empowering womxn and children. Children are welcome, regardless of gender. Essentials: Masks, comfortable shoe straps, water bottles and towels Bring it. Be careful because it’s winter now. Tag & Share, see you on Saturday. “

Sbahle Mpisane joins 5KM walk

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