Scammers impersonate President Amazur to fleece unprotected victims

The scammers allegedly impersonated President Amazur FC and prominent businessmen in Durban Sandir Zung..

The scam contains fake text that informs the victim of the deposit Zungu has made on the surface and demands that the amount be redeemed into a bank account. Victims report receiving a call from someone claiming to be the main town of Amazur to persuade them to make a deposit.

Amazur FC Chairman Warns Scammers

Zungu has issued a statement on the Amazur website warning the general public about fraud.

“The Amazur Football Club and its chairman, Sandirsung, have been scammed with texts currently in circulation in the football legend depicting fake cash deposits from the president, and victims have re-deposited. I noticed that it was requested. It will be refunded to the account shown in the text.

“The perpetrator of this scam then calls the victim, pretending to be President Amazur FC.”

Amazuru FC

The scam seems to be targeting ex-players and other players within their football buddies, but at this stage it is not clear how the scammers came to own the contact details of the ex-players. ..

“Amazur FC President Sandir Zungu told the whole football fraternity and anyone who might have received or contacted this text, this is the job of a scammer and people are at the expense of this. I want to make it clear that I don’t want to be a scam.

“Important communication from the president to the club’s partners, supporters, and all relevant stakeholders takes place through AmaZulu FC’s official platform, including validated social media pages and websites. The president and AmaZulu FC are now We are investigating this issue and would like to once again warn the public not to be vigilant against such perpetrators. “

The general public is also warned to be wary of such text scams. They can adapt to fleece the defenseless victims of hard-earned cash.

Scammers impersonate President Amazur to fleece unprotected victims

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