Scotland Stage: How Coronavirus Blockade Is Relieved | Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon Has announced a “careful and gradual” plan on how coronavirus blockades will be mitigated in Scotland.

Unlike Boris Johnson’s “Roadmap” “Strategic framework” Intentionally avoid certain dates. “If we open too early to meet any date, we run the risk of slowing progress,” the first minister said in the preface of the document.

The day after the UK’s date-focused plan was announced, the sturgeon said: “It is now irresponsible to set a date that is too clear. There is too much uncertainty, including the effects of both new variants and vaccinations.”

Instead, the Scottish Government will carry out a series of steps to ease the blockade “if epidemiological conditions permit”. Sturgeon said the Scottish government continues to aim to “control and keep the virus at the lowest possible levels.”

However, the approximate date is stated in the documentation and states that a gap of at least 3 weeks is required between each stage.

Stage 1: From now to early March

  • On Monday, children aged 4 to 8 in grades 1 to 3 returned to school with junior high school and nursery children who needed practical work to qualify.

  • Restrictions on visiting long-term care facilities will be relaxed.

Stage 2: From the middle stage-march

  • The second phase of school reopening, where all elementary school students are set to return to class when young classmates return on February 22 and are 4-7 years old.

  • More secondary education students will also be back.

  • Children aged 12 to 17 can participate in outdoor non-contact group sports.

  • The number of people you can meet outside will increase from 2 households to 2 to 4.

Stage 3: From early April

  • The “Stay-at-home order” order may be lifted.

  • All students may return to school.

  • Some retailers will return with an extended definition of basic retailers, with the click-and-collect service restrictions removed.

  • 2 to 6 people can gather outdoors.

  • Churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship can be reopened. The exact return date of the joint worship takes into account the timing of major religious festivals, when Easter and Passover take place on April 4.

Stage 4: From late April

  • Scotland has returned to the five layers of coronavirus restriction, with level 0 being the least restricted and level 4 being the most restricted.

  • Currently, all areas are at level 4. “We hope that Scotland as a whole will move to Level 3, but some changes are possible,” the sturgeon said on April 26. However, the strategy emphasizes that this remains less than 1 in R number and only occurs if all of the first 9 priority groups have been vaccinated.

  • Non-required retailers, hospitalities, gyms and hairdressers can reopen at level 3, but current rules do not allow pubs to serve alcohol.

  • At this stage, sturgeon added, “We begin to reopen the economy and society in a more substantive way than everyone longs for.”

Continued travel restrictions

Sturgeon said mitigation would require “continuing to accept some trade-offs for a period of time, for example traveling abroad.” She states: “Travel restrictions are also essential and can continue for some time.

“I saw how new cases were imported into Scotland during the summer after the virus was almost eliminated. I want to prevent it from happening again.”

Scotland Stage: How Coronavirus Blockade Is Relieved | Scotland

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