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See | Is it a tornado approaching Pietermaritzburg?

A dark cloud screen grab seen in a video shot near Hayfields in Pietermaritzburg.

There was a bit of excitement for the community chat group around Pietermaritzburg after seeing huge dark clouds floating above the KZN capital on Friday afternoon.

Some joked that it was a tornado that “finished us,” while others rushed to close the doors and windows for fear of another storm approaching.

“Why don’t you get hit by a tornado because all the bad things happen here,” the Mountain Rise resident joked.

The driver also shared the above cloud cell phone video taken from N3.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I want to go home,” she said.

Another person who sounds worried in the car says the clouds are also “turning”.

However, the South African Weather Service said no severe storms or tornadoes were expected around Pietermaritzburg on Friday.

The weather forecaster said there were no storm warnings in Pietermaritzburg and the surrounding area. They said only thunderstorms were expected.

Residents heading from Pietermaritzburg to the Hilton experienced heavy rains in the afternoon, but there were no reports of storm damage.

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See | Is it a tornado approaching Pietermaritzburg?

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