Senior ANC officials meet with Women’s President Bathabile Dlamini on Sunday – SABC News

Senior officials of the African National Congress (ANC) will meet with convicts Bathabile Dlamini, President of the ANC Women’s Department on Sunday. Following her sentence in the Johannesburg District Court on Friday, President Cyril Ramaphosa and his deputy, David Mabuza, will meet to decide Dlamini’s fate.

She was sent to prison for four years with the possibility of a fine of 200,000 rubles, half of which was suspended. The ANC currently has a firm resolution that all members facing criminal charges must step aside and those convicted must resign, but Dlamini has neither resigned nor resigned since she was convicted of malpractice.

The unity and renewal of the ANC has been a hallmark of Ramaphosa’s leadership. One controversial resolution passed under his leadership is a step aside from the rule, which commits members who face criminal charges to quitting to help protect the integrity of the ANC.

With some leaders resigning and others on hold for refusal, Ramaphosa’s efforts to renew the ANC are slowly but surely gaining ground.

“We are taking part in the process of renewal and re-establishment of the party and in dealing with the party clique that is in the party and we will continue in the field of renewal and renewal is a daily bread in the ANC. Of course, there will be divisions and divisions about wanting to go back, but we will keep going and we will succeed. “The group of people in the ANC of people who want to see renewal is so large and that is what I trust and that is why I say that there are clear signs of success in the future,” says Ramaphosa.

Former Social Affairs Minister Bathabile Dlamini has pleaded guilty to two counts of felony criminal mischief

Step aside from the rule

The death toll of the boot rule is high and the list is getting longer. And after the marathon trial, the president of the ANC Women’s League, Bathabile Dlamini, is guilty as he was accused and is now convicted. Its fate is now in the hands of the ANC with the party’s senior members led by Ramaphosa meeting to discuss its future.

“We are studying the verdict that this case presented at the last NEC, if you remember two weeks ago, but the decision was that ANC officials would have to deal with the case. We made a decision that we will call Bathabile’s partner. We meet on Monday, we usually meet at 10 on Mondays, we meet her too, “said Paul Mashatile, ANC treasurer and acting secretary general.

Some ANC leaders facing serious charges have since resigned in accordance with a side-by-side rule, with the latest being Mpumalanga’s newly elected treasurer Mandla Msibi facing two counts of murder and attempted murder. Those who refused to resign, such as Ace Magashule, the secretary general, have since been fired.

Mashatile has admitted that stepping aside their rule has not been clear on the seriousness of cases that give rise to members facing criminal charges in court.

“The ANC’s resolution did not cover all crimes, not necessarily because we thought they were not serious crimes, but the understanding was that serious crimes would be in line with the law, which says we will be guided by them. “But you are absolutely right that the resolution was not exhaustive, but in the guide there are agreements and to the extent that the law of the country considers a certain crime to be serious, it will also be our position,” says Mashatile.

Bathabile Dlamini says she will step aside if asked

Senior ANC officials meet with Women’s President Bathabile Dlamini on Sunday – SABC News

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