Sergio Ramos – a man on the warpath

Ramos always played on the edge, risking everything. He has always been a lion, but one question remains: will he tame the rest of the team, or will he break out of the cage to devour the entire circus?

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And even though he has many ill-wishers, it is impossible to deny the fact that he is a winner. And the fact that he was not invited to the national team was a real blow for the defender, who has always been a real patriot. Just look at his interview after Spain’s departure from the 2018 World Cup – he is not afraid to show his emotions. This is a sign of a true leader. A leader who, even in his golden years, Cristiano Ronaldo remained in charge in the dressing room of Real Madrid.

He is older than Wayne Rooney. but instead of eating lollipops in Mallorca or drinking a drink every summer, he devoted himself to the right diet. And even if his show on Amazon, “The Legend of Sergio Ramos” – is nothing more than overt propaganda, it still showed what the Spaniard is ready to go to in order to stay in the best possible shape. The fact that he shows such a game at the age of 35 is not an accident – it is a pattern. He even uses a hyperbaric chamber in his spare time – he has the same one used by NASA astronauts.

In Real Madrid, Rafael Varane was his favorite defensive partner, but now neither one nor the other is playing for the “creamy”. In PSG, the Spaniard will have to work with Presnel Kimpembe, who will come in handy with an experienced comrade. Well, with the arrival of Donnarumma, you can be sure that the defense will be calm and confident.

The future of Ramos may still be accompanied by bright victories, but one thing is certain – he was not going to move at the end of his career. His wife Pilar Rubio did not want this either, but nothing remains. We understand very well that his departure from Real Madrid was forced, and that he remains very angry with his former club, which, according to many, betrayed the former captain. This is the very motivation that he needs.

With Ramos, the Parisians can finally get rid of their main problem – the inability to win big matches. While Mbappe and Neymar often fall into the shadows, Ramos was created to win when it is most difficult to do.

In Sergio Ramos, they found an absolute leader. Be it Perez, Luis Enrique or someone else – Ramos will always have people who need to prove something. His father Jose Maria put it best when he said: “His character is himself, no one told him what and how to do. He went his own way. He fought with himself. ” While he’s not averse to revenge, the fire ultimately erupts from within Ramos himself. He is the most decorated center-back in history, with two European Championships, four Champions League titles and a Mundial gold. Sergio Ramos has nothing to prove to football – only to himself.

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