Shark puts Currie Cup campaign on flyer, Griquaz wins

Phepsi Buthelezi (PA / included)

shark When they fought for a 30-16 victory, they started their Currie Cup campaign with a note of victory Griquas Saturday afternoon at the Currie Cup opener at Tafel Lager Park.

As it happened | Griquas v Shark

The shark rushed into a Saturday afternoon clash and tried to expel all the thoughts it had missed in the Rainbow Cup final, but was frustrated early on as the Griqua drew their first blood.

The host scored a scrum penalty in just three minutes of play, and flyhalf George Whitehead had a legitimate obligation to put a spot kick deep into the slot.

However, as Beauta Chamberlain changed a well-struck drop goal, visitors quickly regained their composure after being late.

The drop goal didn’t discourage Grikwa, but he regained the lead in the 13th minute and veteran Whitehead didn’t make a mistake in the game’s second penalty kick.

However, the shark responded in the best possible way and Chamberlain, as the newly named skipper Fepsi Butrezi closed the brilliant team play with a dot next to the upright in the 21st minute. Added extras.

Griquas bravely counterattacked and approached, struggling to add his own try late in the first half, but TMO ruled out a try by Hooker Yanko Wis after the review.

After a half-time break, sharks continued to expand their advantage, proving that the TMO decision was crucial.

A 43-minute Chamberlain penalty from an angle of about 43 meters gave the shark a 7-point lead before Center Jeremy Ward bag the attempt a few minutes later. Chamberlain added extras with a great kick from the touch, giving him more control over the visitor with more than 30 minutes left.

When the shark attacked again a few minutes later, the host was still upset from Ward’s attempt, Hyron Andrews robbed Jayden Hendrik of a decent pass before racing across the line. Chamberlain was unable to make a mark on the conversion, although the shark remained in a comfortable position and led 25-6.

However, the Griqua have proved why they are so difficult to beat in the soil of their homes to return to the contest again, Winger Eduane Ketel has made a second attempt at the game to reduce the deficit. I brilliantly avoided the challenge from Anthony Volmink when I added. However, Whitehead failed to reach its goal in a conversion attempt.

The Griqua probed the shark’s defense and continued probing, eventually gaining another important breakthrough when Daniel Cassende raced across the line to further reduce the deficit in the 74th minute. It was.

However, four minutes later, the shark counterattacked the substitute Keron van Woolen, and Chamberlain’s conversion drifted over a wide area of ​​the target, quickly shattering the protracted hope of a delayed comeback.

Griquas 16 (6)

Trial: Eduan Keyter, Daniel Kasenda

Conversion: George Whitehead

Penalties: Whitehead (2)

Shark 30 (10)

Trial: Phepsi Buthelezi, Jeremy Ward, Hyron Andrews, Kerron van Vuuren

Conversion: Boeta Chamberlain (2)

Penalties: Chamberlain

Shark puts Currie Cup campaign on flyer, Griquaz wins

Source link Shark puts Currie Cup campaign on flyer, Griquaz wins

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