Sharpshooter Mackenzie kicks the Chiefs and wins the Highlanders a thrilling golden point

Damian McKenzie chief over- Highlanders After imposing a long-distance penalty in overtime, at Forsyth Barr Stadium on Saturday.

In the seesaw battle in Dunedin, the Highlanders counterattacked from 10 points, forcing the golden points to end, and then the Chiefs played decisively in overtime to win.

This is the third victory for the Chiefs, who finished third at the Super Rugby Aotearoa table, two points behind the Highlanders and just two points behind the Bruce.

Both teams started strongly, holding the ball in their hands and showing an immediate willingness to run towards their opponents. The Highlanders were given a chance to take a 3 early on when the Chiefs got lost offside, but Mitch Hunt couldn’t find the target head-on.

When the Chiefs scored a kickable penalty from a tight angle, they chose an aggressive lineout, got the forward ball they were looking for, and then from Captain Brad Weber near Ethenena Naiseturo. The quick pass touchline allowed the winger to jump into a corner and dot down in the air before Mackenzie added extras from wide.

The Highlanders counterattacked in the opening try just minutes after scoring from a perfectly functioning set move. From the aggressive lineout of Chiefs 22, they appear to have set up a rolling mall just to peel off and sell dummies before flanker James Lentjes hits the wide open gap on the blind side for a score. I did. Hunt couldn’t add extras, so visitors stayed a bit ahead.

The Chiefs responded almost immediately after the crash of the giant Aidan Ross following another seemingly unstoppable attack on the Highlanders line, but the attempt was ruled out by TMO, who discovered a knock-on from Damian McKenzie. -And-under some previous phases.

The Highlanders were given a chance to lead when Hunt was offered another shot at the goal, but Flyhalf did not have a good day in the office and missed the target three times in a row. ..

The host had begun most of the run in the match, but the chiefs’ defenses proved to be the same as those thrown at them, so they got a bit stuck on the pitch.

Half the time was gone, the Chiefs enjoyed their possession in the Highlanders territory, resulting in two kickable penalties-both Mackenzie missed.

After a while, after a successful referral to the high-shot captain, the Chiefs took another penalty. This time they made a lineout up close, but when the Highlanders succeeded in pouching the loose ball, they were again rejected by the beckoning of the tryline.

However, the Highlanders were unable to escape from their area, giving another penalty to regain ownership, finding a target after Mackenzie missed a few efforts, and breaking his side. I extended the lead to 5 points.

The Highlanders got off to a perfect start in the second half. Shannon Frizell ran a beautiful line, broke through the Chiefs’ defensive line and then offroaded to Aaron Smith, who jumped into the corner. However, Hunt hadn’t found the kick boots yet, so he missed the fourth shot to keep the score at 10-10.

The Chiefs were given the opportunity to fight back shortly after the restart when the Highlanders were pinged to move forward before the kick, and Mackenzie put a penalty in the slot and turned his side forward.

A few minutes later, the Chiefs invaded their territory and aimed at Hunt. After missing four straights, Flyhalf smiled and finally sailed inside the upright on his fifth effort at night, leveling the score again. ..

When the Highlanders fired another shot shortly after aiming for Mackenzie, Fullback was grateful and accepted to regain the Chiefs’ lead as the host continued to score points shortly after scoring his own goal. It was.

The Chiefs could hit the hourmark with a fatal blow, as they could crash through Angus Ta’avao after getting through the midfield with a smart pass and a strong run. Mackenzie suddenly noticed that the visitor was leading 10 points, so he added an extra.

With just over 10 minutes left, the Highlanders handed over the lifeline when penalized and set an aggressive lineout up close. Rolling malls took them towards the line before the balls were immediately recycled, reducing his own attempts to just three after an alternative Josheioane crashed through the gap for a score. I did.

The attempt seemed to ignite under the Highlanders, who soon realized that they were returning to the Chiefs’ territory and putting pressure on them. When they got the penalty in front of them, they took the points offered to square it in the remaining 3 minutes.

The Highlanders chiefs are back, but before teeing up Mackenzie, who could be the winner of the drop goal, he spliced ​​together several phases, and his kick looked good, but it was just Widely sailed.

The Chiefs regained ownership from 22 dropouts, gaining another penalty near the halfway line just as the siren rang, giving Mackenzie another chance to win, but full back. The kick was wide again as it was left in the Golden Point Extra-at the end of the contest-decision time, the first scoring team won.

Two minutes after overtime, an unfortunate error in the lineout caused the Chiefs to hand over ownership to the Highlanders to 22. Josh Ioane lined up drop kicks, but there was no direction.

Instead, it was the Chiefs who took the penalty from the restart after stealing heavily from Anton Lienert Brown at the breakdown, giving Mackenzie another opportunity to take the win from the kick tee, and this time full back. Put a kick in the slot halfway through. A line to hand over a thrilling victory to the Chiefs.



Trial: James Lentjes, Aaron Smith, Josh Ioane

Conversion: Josh Ioane

Penalties: Mitch Hunt, Josh Ioane


Trial: Ethene Nanai Seturo, Angus Ta’avao

Conversion: Damian McKenzie (2)

Penalty: Damian McKenzie (4)



15 Connor Garden-Bachop, 14 Ngatungane Punivai, 13 Patelesio Tomkinson, 12 Scott Gregory, 11 Jona Nareki, 10 Mitch Hunt, 9 Aaron Smith (co-captain), 8 Kazuki Himeno, 7 James Lentjes, 6 Shannon Frizell, 5 Paripari Parkinson, 4 Bryn Evans, 3 Josh Horneck, 2 Ash Dixon (co-captain), 1 Ethan de Groot.

Replacement: 16 Liam Coltman, 17 Aiden Johnston, 18 Siate Tokolahi, 19 Josh Dixon, 20 Billy Harmon, 21 Kane Hammington, 22 Josh Ioane, 23 Hugh Renton.


15 Damian McKenzie, 14 Jona Row, 13 Anton Lienert Brown, 12 Quinn Tupou, 11 Ethene Nanai Seturo, 10 Caleb Trusk, 9 Brad Weber (Captain), 8 Luke Jacobson, 7 Keilam Bosier, 6 Mitchell Brown, 5 Nighta Ark Oy, 4 Tupou Vaai, 3 Angus Ta’avao, 2 Samisoni Taukeiaho, 1 Aidan Ross.

Replacement: 16 Bradley Slater, 17 Olly Norris, 18 Joe Apicotoa, 19 Samipeni Finau, 20 Pita Gas Sowakura, 21 Te Toiroa Tafrio Langi, 22 Alex Nankivel, 23 Sean Stephenson.

Sharpshooter Mackenzie kicks the Chiefs and wins the Highlanders a thrilling golden point

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