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“She was wrong”-ANC veterans help Lindy Wesisl’s blunder

Lindy Wesisl.

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  • The controversial views on the constitution and judiciary of Lindiwe Sisulu, a member of ANCNEC, continue to cause much controversy.
  • The president and ANC are keeping a distance from her comments.
  • Suki Zikalala, leader of the ANC Veterans League, says she was wrong.

Snuki Zikalala, leader of the ANC Veterans League, participated in internal discussions within the ANC regarding the uproar surrounding Lindiwe Sisulu, a member of ANCNE C.

Thistle’s recent controversial opinion piece published in the IOL continued to consume a lot of debate and debate.

President Cyril Ramaphosa asked her to take responsibility.

There was also support for respect for her views.

Sistle’s article questioned the status of the Constitution and whether it did enough to address the socio-economic problems facing the country. She also considered concerns about the judiciary and whether it should be overhauled.

Her comments caused a backlash and extensive commentary.

The president and ANC have distanced themselves from this view. Neither office commented on whether she should be disciplined.

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Zikalala believes that it was wrong for Thistle to express her opinion on the Constitution and the judiciary in public. He said the ANC has multiple mechanisms for discussion within the party structure.

“In my personal opinion, that’s right. [she was wrong].. We have an internal mechanism within the party and no one in the party structure would object to her raising the issue. She can raise issues instead of getting caught up in unnecessary party spats.

“As a member of ANC, she can raise those issues at the ANC or NEC’s National Working Committee. She raises issues about the Constitution and our constitutional democracy,” Zikalala said. Said.

ANC veteran Mavuso Msimang shared similar feelings this week. He urged the ANC to discipline the ANC, rather than simply distance it from this.

“She should be disciplined and asked for clarification. Her personal view is timid. It makes people wonder how serious ANC is about things. I’m in a good position, “Msimang told News24 earlier.

“She was wrong”-ANC veterans help Lindy Wesisl’s blunder

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