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Shepherd Bushiri’s partner offers R25million house as bail

By Goitsemang Tlhabye 28 min ago

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Pretoria – In an attempt to secure bail, the first accused of alleged fraud involving members of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church has offered his R25million home as collateral.

Willah Mudolo continued his request for bail in the Pretoria Magistrates’ Court yesterday. His wife Zethu Mudolo and Landiwe Ntlokwane Sindani were released on bail during a previous appearance.

The trio have emerged once again without their co-accused Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary, who fled to their home in Malawi and thus violated their bail conditions last month.

In an affidavit submitted to the court, Mudolo admitted his visitor visa expired on April 30, but said he intended to schedule appointments to reapply with the Home Office an once the national lockdown has been lifted.

He said the allegations that he tried to flee the country three times before his arrest were false.

He said he didn’t even know that an arrest warrant had been issued and that he would never try to leave the country without his wife and two children.

He said he tried to leave because he had business to settle overseas and the reason he had not boarded his flight was due to changes made necessary by the exceptional results of the Covid tests -19. If he had known of the arrest warrant, he would have contacted the investigator and provided him with his full cooperation.

Mudolo said he would offer the Sandhurst homestead valued between Rand 23million and Rand 25million as collateral for his bail.

“I have no influence in my country of origin. My whole life, including my wife and children and all of my business interests, have been vested in this country.

“I intend to plead not guilty and will provide proof that all funds that were paid into the Rising Estate business account without my knowledge on Bushiri’s instructions were returned to his designated account and to various beneficiaries. . “

He demanded that bail be granted, taking into account that he should be presumed innocent and especially that the extradition process to send Bushiri and his wife back to the country for trial could take between two and seven years old.

Meanwhile, a relaxed Bushiri continued to broadcast preparations for his year-end church service, the Miracle Night Crossover, which will take place at Bingu Stadium in Lilongwe, Malawi on December 31.

Bushiri said they prayed for the night of the crossing and believed that something “was going to happen in the lives of his followers.”

He said that while he was praying, God commanded him to announce the night as a miracle night passing into the New Year.

The self-proclaimed prophet made no mention of his legal battles or the impending trial on his last broadcast.

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Shepherd Bushiri’s partner offers R25million house as bail

SourceShepherd Bushiri’s partner offers R25million house as bail

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