Shona Ferguson’s daughters Lesedi, Alicia, and brother pay tribute to him at the funeral

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The icon of the local entertainment industry, Shona Ferguson, was set up to rest at the Forways Cemetery on Wednesday, August 4th.

The “King of Jo’burg” star died of Covid-19-related complications on July 30 after spending a week in the ICU at Mill Park Hospital.

At his funeral, his close family and friends paid tribute to the corrupt legend.

His brother Dominique Ferguson spoke on behalf of the family and during his speech shared who Shona was to the family.

“I know that what many people know about Shona is what they see on the screen, but to us he wasn’t another actor,” he says. I did.

He continued to share a little bit of Shauna’s life as he grew up, including the nickname they gave him and partly responsible for Shauna being chubby when he was young. ..

He talked about how Shona was enthusiastic during adolescence, but calmed down later in life, especially after meeting his wife Connie.

He said Shona has always been an entrepreneur and a successful man.

Near the end of his compliment, Dominique said: It hurts to wake up in the middle of the night. I wonder if this is a dream if you really are gone … I think you’re safe. I know you are with our dad Jackson, and I know you are in heaven. “

His daughters also shared some moving words about their father.

Arica said: “So my dad and I had a strange relationship. Some people swear we hate each other, but that’s very different. The main reason is that he and I I think it’s because they are very similar.

“My dad did a lot for me and for me as a person. He motivated me to take a bigger step than I would not have taken in my life. And I am very grateful that he allowed me to do that. “

After her speech, she shared her legacy and promised to be proud of Shona and her family.

His stepdaughter, Lesedi Matsunane Ferguson, opened when she met Shona at the age of eight, remembering that he wore a yellow hip-hop sweater and baggy jeans.

She continued. “I’ve learned a lot from my dad in the last 20 years. I learned how to imitate his laughter, it really has to come from the gut.”

Later, Lesedi shared how his father worked symmetrically and how the clothes he was resting on were the same as he wore when he died.

She also shared Shona’s beloved abilities, stating:

“And I don’t know his fear of doing it. It’s as if the louder the voice he loves, the stronger and stronger he is.”

Moreover, she said that dealing with Shona’s death is still difficult, and that they can only get rid of the lessons he thought of them.

After finishing her speech, she said: Our love transcends our bodies forever and it is always in our spirits … we love you, dad. “

Shona Ferguson’s daughters Lesedi, Alicia, and brother pay tribute to him at the funeral

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