Sierra Leone: UNIMTEC certifies 1,395 graduates

The University of Management and Technology (UNIMTEC) awarded degrees, higher diplomas and diplomas to 1,395 of its students for the 2021 academic year on Saturday April 30 with the theme “the pursuit of excellence for national relevance and international”.

Presenting her report for the 2021/2022 academic year, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of UNIMTEC, Professor Roseline Emeh Uyanga, said the convocation marked the 11th graduation ceremony and the second since the university became an autonomous university two years ago.

She said the ceremony was eventful as it was a day to remember and worth celebrating, adding that 543 students graduated with a bachelor’s degree, 532 with an advanced degree and 320 with a diploma.

Madame Uyanga recounted the gains the university has made in the 2021 academic year.

She mentioned that the university over the years continues to expand as it has branches across the country. “The University is undergoing vertical expansion, renovation and maintenance,” she revealed.

The Vice-Chancellor and Principal further admitted that the university has trained and qualified lecturers and stressed the need for staffing.

She continues that UNIMTEC has never benefited from a research grant from the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, but was able to help its teachers with its internally generated funds. “Students are now introduced to research work by their professors,” she said.

Going further, she spoke of pedagogical training for lectures. “No matter how qualified you are, you need to have teacher training to enable you to teach properly,” she said.

In terms of corporate social responsibility of the university, Madame Uyanga revealed that UNIMTEC provides free computer courses to people living in the community where the college operates and this in terms of quality assurance; the university has CCTV cameras in all of its examination rooms which are monitored by computer technicians.

She revealed that the college has an accredited program in mining engineering, adding that the university will soon establish a mining laboratory which will be used to test extractives, thus minimizing the need to send the country’s extractives abroad for testing. .

She also mentioned that UNIMTEC will soon complete a fish production center in Kambia, indicating that once completed, it will start offering courses in aquaculture and fish production.

“I want to encourage graduates to be good ambassadors for the college, to translate what they have learned into the welfare of humanity and please when you go don’t let the university down “, she said.

A representative of the Ministry of Higher and Higher Education told everyone present at the graduation ceremony that UNIMTEC is a legal and private entity created by Article 43 (1) of the Law on universities of 2021.

He added that UNIMTEC has fulfilled the criteria required to obtain university status in accordance with Article 2 of the Law on Universities.

He pledged that the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education would continue to provide support to higher education institutions across the country and further stressed the need to put an end to academic fraud.

“All who hold fake degrees must resign now and make room for new graduates because we are coming to get them soon. I want students past and present to remember that UNIMTEC is their university and their goal is to acquire knowledge,” he said.

For his part, represented by the Higher Education Commission (TEC), Josephus Sawyer said that UNIMTEC is a legal and bona fide academic institution in the country. He related the stages through which the University passed to become what it has become today (autonomous university).

Sawyer spoke out against bogus academic institutions. He disclosed that TEC would continue to fight against the proliferation of bogus academic institutions in the country. “The TEC would always serve as a link for the universities and would propose remedies for shortcomings.