Simon Morton puts true crime under the microscope in ‘Forensics’

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Presenter CBS Justice’s new five-part reality crime show, Simon Morton puts true crime under the microscope.

“Forensics” guides viewers to the actual events that have been unfolded for police and forensic teams to find and evaluate clues directly from the crime scene. Once the data is assembled, it solves the complex puzzle of what, when, where, how, and who begins to unfold.

Simon Morton, the host of the award-winning radio show, hosts the show and follows various aspects of forensic medicine.

From DNA, blood splatter, ballistic analysis to climate and degradation factors, each crime scene details a variety of forensic analyses to complete the puzzle.

“By participating in this series, I found it quite difficult to escape recent crimes, and forensic medicine was quite new to me, especially when it comes to some specific technologies like lasers. “Morton said.

He said he didn’t think he was interested in what would happen when the blood hit the surface, but he knew it was telling a story.

“This can reveal a lot about the method, direction, and distance the individual was from the surface to the ground. Information available in that they can all be triangulated together. He said it would be a kind of geometric puzzle because there are so many.

He said it would be powerful data in the course of a criminal case when it was all combined with a story or witness testimony.

Asked if scientists are today’s crime fighters, he said:

“It ranges from biology, entomology, chemistry, microbiology to tool technology and manufacturing processes. Forensics Begin to understand the role that science plays in terms of making criminals accountable. “

“Forensic” Season 1 will air on CBS Justice (DStv channel 170) on Sunday at 8 pm.

Simon Morton puts true crime under the microscope in ‘Forensics’ Source link Simon Morton puts true crime under the microscope in ‘Forensics’

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