Siv Ngesi’s Drag Queen Persona “Sivanna” Scores A Major Modelling Gig

SivNgesi’s drag queen persona “Sivanna” has won a major modeling gig. Actor and television personality Siv Ngesi has always been interested in what many call “gay” activity, but no matter what people say, it’s his true self. Did not prevent you from being there.

Shiv described himself as a metrosexual man, ignoring that possibility and allowing men to participate in activities that are strictly regarded for women.

Ngesi has previously been engaged in other activities such as pole dancing for fitness and enjoys sports. Trolls will take advantage of cyberbullying opportunities, so getting used to Yoir’s sexuality requires getting the thickest skin.

That was the attitude Siv I met him recently through # BussItChallenge when he introduced a drag queen persona on social media named Sivanna. This caused Ngesi to encounter all sorts of homophobic slander, but his fans were absolutely in favor of Sivanna.

Explaining why he shared a drag queen, Siv revealed that he was always admiring drag queens for art and that he seemed to enjoy the transformation. It also taught Shiv a lot about the gay and drug community he has always strongly supported.

Sivannah seems to be a favorite among people as she booked her first modeling gig for a major clothing brand.Beyonce’s new collection Adidas title Icy Park Has just been released and the only Sivanna has been tapped to model the collection.

Other local celebrities that have modeled the new Beyonce collection include Sickly Yonce and Nandy Madida. Siv shares exciting news on Instagram and is in a hurry about Sivanna being only two months old but already booked and busy.

“Sivannah is one month and two days old and already @adidasZA, @weareivypark“” He wrote.

Congratulations Sivannah!

Siv Ngesi’s Drag Queen Persona “Sivanna” Scores A Major Modelling Gig Source link Siv Ngesi’s Drag Queen Persona “Sivanna” Scores A Major Modelling Gig

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