Sivenathi Mabuya married

Sivenati Mabuya He is officially married and there can be no more excitement.

The star announced his existence from a scandal last year and also his boyfriend paid a lobby for him – showing that his intentions are pure.

However, Sivanati did not specify the details of Lobola’s talks, but his fans kept an eye on what happened.

Last weekend, the actress and her husband got married in a beautiful traditional wedding.

One of the attendees was actress Lucanda Mbane, who played the role of Sivenati’s mother in the e.tv scandal.

Lucanda was doing extra duties that day.

Lusanda shared pictures from the wedding on social media saying it was a pleasure and an honor.

@ sivemabuya. You always said that one day I will hold your wedding. It became one day yesterday. I went through all kinds of emotions❤️😍😭🙏🏾😍🤗, I just do not believe how my baby grew up. It was an absolute pleasure and honor for me to be at the microphone 🎤, my favorite newlyweds became Mr. and Miss Buchanan.

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Sivenathi Mabuya married

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