Sizwe and Afriforum blocked Cuban donations

South Africans, and celebrities, sing the praises of the Afriforum lobby after a victory that will stop the government from giving Cuba R50 million.

Kaya FM admission to an entrepreneur Sizwe Dlomo was one of the most prominent reactions to the report, declaring that he agreed with the law.

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On Tuesday, March 22, the Supreme Court of Pretoria imposed a temporary ban that would have prevented the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) from giving Cuba R50 million. Human Rights Watch, a advertising statementargued that the decision to make such a contribution was unwise considering the country’s economic situation.

“AfriForum is pleased that the court ruled in favor of the grant despite the serious financial crisis.”

Announcing the victory on Twitter, Reiner Duvenage – who is also the campaign manager for Afriforum – said they “will continue to fight against wasting taxpayers’ money.”

SIZWE DHLOMO reacts to this result

Following the trial, radio broadcaster SIzwe Dhlomo took to his Twitter account to express his delight at the ban. Sizwe stressed that although the country would like to help Cuba, the timing is not good.

“I hate to agree with Afriforum but they are right to defend the government about their donations to Cuba. I love Cubans but this is a bad time gents. We need another R 50 million now.”

– Fast

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Sizwe’s tweet, as expected, received a lot of feedback from his followers. One person who believes the former MTV Base performer DJ Warras is the first LiveAMP show presenter and guest show host on Gagasi FM.

“Crazy ?? Your. Ngathi’sinemali your. Cuba will waste the money anyway. That is a failed state,” he said. he answered Sizwe.

This is how SA reacted to the AFRIFORUM INTERDICT

Sizwe and Afriforum blocked Cuban donations

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