Skeem Saam actress Ino Sadiki has a master’s degree in film

Inno Sadiki from Skeem Saam had every reason to celebrate last weekend. He celebrated achieving a master’s degree at AFDA on Saturday.

Innocent Sadiq She was joined by her twins and Millicent Machile and her pastor husband, Findu Sadiq.
Millicent is seen dancing as Ino wears her many prom belts. Millicent even mentioned that Ino now holds the highest qualifying record in their family and jokingly said she should stop because the belts are too tight around her neck.

Ino is continuing her studies at AFDA and she is building her career as a film director.

Inno Sadiki is currently portraying Stoko as a character on Skeem Saam. She is the daughter of Mantuli.
At Soapie, Stocko is simply a teacher at Turfloop High. She was in a very abusive marriage to her ex-husband Dennis, with whom she has a child.

In real life, Ino is an ambitious woman who has graduated several times as a graduate, judging by the straps around her neck. He is also a pastor and motivational speaker.

Skeem Saam actress Ino Sadiq has a master’s degree in film. Photo: Instagram / Inno Sadiki

Ino is also married to Findu, who is himself a pastor.

He is one of the participants in Rich Pastor’s Wives reality show and half of them. I have featured in many reality shows on youtube as a producer and creator; The other half is his twin and Millicent.

The release of the innocents took place in front of a room full of grateful relatives and alumni. The screams of his wife, Findulo, were heard as he took his master’s degree on stage. “This is my wife, man,” said Finlow with love. Attendees at the ceremony turned to greet him and he told them to applaud.

After the school’s graduation ceremony, it was time for a party. Mill prepared lunch for her sister and it was very well planned. Ino wore a short white number and looked very excited.

She thanked her sister for her constant support and for planning an unexpected prom party. The event was inspired by Christian music and was full of young women who watched him as their leader and motivational speaker.

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Skeem Saam actress Ino Sadiki has a master’s degree in film

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