Slik Talk recommends Cassper boxing match [watch]

Slik Talk confirms the statement by its supporters that Cassper Nyovest committed his own boxing match against Naakmusiq earlier this month.

A well-known speaker accused the rapper of throwing his Celeb City game on April 9 to “benefit”.

Cassper defeated Naakmusiq in the final Boxing Boxing SA judges rule in the end. Many gamers have accused CEO Billiato of collaborating with HollywoodBets to sabotage the game for money.

SLIK NEEDS CASSPER to honor the podcast with a quiet promise

A few days later Cassper tweeted his dissatisfaction with appearing on Podcast with Chill MacG – despite his promise – Slik Talk expressed his views.

Talk new YouTube video, Clikper Nyovest says: “Every day, you expose yourself as a coward. The man who promises but does not fulfill it in my eyes is a coward

“Everyone watched the fight and saw that you were lost. The fight is straight and wide.

“How are you going to steal your own event? I still humbly took L. and made it go. Cut the wrong thing. Take your money aside. People will respect you more. [if you do]”.

Slik Talk also suggested that Cassper lose his game on purpose.

He continued: “You are bad too. I start to wonder if you got the benefit of the fight. Go to the Podcast with Chill and do an interview. Are you afraid of being burned?

Is he still denying?

Meanwhile, Cassper went on to say that it was ‘enough’ for him to win against Naakmusiq.

He tweeted a short video of his performance on Friday, April 22, adding “I heard I only had a great time around 1. This is around 5. I fought in my heart. All this news is king and I since that evening when I felt like I had been robbed.

“I will not go back. I was in a small space. I returned to the gym and soon we will see who needs to smoke. #CelebCity “.

Slik Talk recommends Cassper boxing match [watch]

Source link Slik Talk recommends Cassper boxing match [watch]

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