Small business owners complain about power outages due to power outages – SABC News

Small business owners say that a short notice of a power outage due to a power outage is inconvenient because it gives them no time to plan. Eskom introduced Level 4 load relief on Tuesday morning after the release of Majuba Unit 5 and Tutuka Unit 4.

Eskom says that cold weather and persistent rain over a long weekend have led to increased demand for electricity and disrupted the planned maintenance schedule.

Small business owners say they are frustrated by the power outage. The businessman, who runs a steel company near Devland, south of Johannesburg, says the power outage is destroying his business.

“It obviously hurts in my pocket. It affects everyone, it’s downtown. … Obviously, without power, it will affect all businesses.

The director of the Small Business Institute, John Dludlu, says that the turmoil of last year and the current continuous power outage is a major blow to small businesses.

“Some companies have not been able to recover their insurance. They had to cut back. So the stress relief now is on top of these weaknesses. “

He says many people are forced to look for other energy sources such as generators, but this also comes with extra costs, many of which they can not afford.

“And our members have been telling us that they are very frustrated. Instead of planning growth, they have, because of the unreliability of the power situation, decided to put those plans on the shelf. “Those who are lucky and still have a lot of money are obviously leaving the system and making other plans, such as buying generators and using gas to reduce the impact of stress relief.”

City Power in Johannesburg says that it is also affected by stress relief. A spokesman for Isaac Mangena said: “We are significantly affected as a unit, as we are not making money during stress relief. In fact, we are losing millions because of the impact this has on our infrastructure and equipment that breaks down over time. We have to get more teams on duty, reviewing colleagues who are on leave to basically do an hour on and off. “

He says that the fourth level of power outages will extend City Power’s response time to calls due to power outages. On Tuesday morning, more than 3,000 stop calls were recorded. City Power has been hit hard by the public, which has accused it of not sticking to the load schedule and taking time to restore power. Mangena says various factors contribute to the delay in electricity recovery.

“Our stress deduction plan is standard and in line with Eskom’s plan. Delays in improvements in some areas can be due to many reasons, including the trips that occur in the load current, overload when we turn on, theft and damage during load release and also this could be due to the explosion of our voltages and small structures and even the cables when we are trying to get electricity back on. “

Eskom says it expects most of its units to be back in use before Thursday evening before charging is stopped.

Small business owners complain about power outages due to power outages – SABC News

Source link Small business owners complain about power outages due to power outages – SABC News

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