So Sad… Nomzamo Mbatha Gives Up On Finding Love

Very sad ... Nomza Mombasa gives up finding love-SurgeZircSA
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This is written throughout, after Map Maponane was the last man to show the flames of Nomzamo Mubasa during their relationship. Now the actress doesn’t want to hear the word “”.mjolo ” Even if it is said in Greek.

An actress who recently emigrated to the United States began to struggle to find love. Recall that her last public relations effort was in 2018 with the country’s exciting actor and businessman Maps Maponyane. Maps left her broken heart after a former Ishibaya actress tricked her into a hot and famous murderous queen.

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Now Nom Zamo has moved on, but don’t twist it. She didn’t have a serious relationship, but she just got herself hooked. She used her work as a weapon to heal her broken heart and stay far away from the man.

Talking about how she was able to fix her broken heart and moving to an actress told Isoleswe that having a boyfriend is no longer part of her plan because she is busy working in the United States. ..

As you know, Nom Zamo will appear in the movie “Coming to America, Coming to America” ​​which will be released on March 5th. She expressed excitement for the new project and is currently focusing on acting and self-improvement to make money in her field.

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Talking about her role in the long-awaited movie, the actress said she played a role of Millenbe, which is very different from what she had previously appeared in other plays. “Milembe is a woman who is not afraid of her culture and has great respect for her career.

“When I see this woman, I sometimes say that I am the same between me and her because I am the kind of person who is proud of my past and my background. People have previously You will see something completely different from. “

Nomsamo was always optimistic about his future, but added that he never dreamed of being on the same set as people like Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, Tracy Morgan and Leslie Jones.

Oh, I hope a good guy comes to her and wipes out her legs.

So Sad… Nomzamo Mbatha Gives Up On Finding Love Source link So Sad… Nomzamo Mbatha Gives Up On Finding Love

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