Soccer Events to Start the Year With

If you enjoy using soccer Betway in your free time, be sure to take advantage of all the soccer events happening in early 2022. Get in on the opportunity for betting on some of the hottest events in the sport.

Africa Cup Of Nations (AFCON) 2022

One of the most anticipated sporting events, especially for bettors, is the Africa Cup Of Nations (AFCON.) It’s set to be a particularly big deal in 2022, especially for the Liverpool team. They are set to compete in as many as four games during the event.

Between the start of AFCON, on January 7th, and its conclusion on February 6th, Liverpool is slated to compete against both Crystal Palace, and Bentford. They’ll also be playing in a Fourth Round match and the third round of the FA Cup.

Nigeria’s team was calling up needed players as of December 27, 2021. There is also a chance that Guinea, Egypt, and Senegal are calling up players too. If this happens, any African players on the Liverpool team will miss not one, but two games.

However, there is tension brewing between Senegal and Watford. Reports are that Watford will not make Ismala Starr available to participate in AFCON. In other controversial news, Emmanual Dennis, who is a striker for Watford is being kept out of AFCON. This is because he is said to be “baring fangs,” by the Nigerian Football Federation and, therefore, they refuse to let him participate.

40 players from the Premiere League are reportedly being called up to compete in AFCON. If they are, they will miss not only the third round of the FA Cup, but also an entire round of Premiere League action, and the semi-finals of the Carabo Cup.

However, even though many players are being called up, the World Leagues Forum refuses to release them until after the original deadline. This is mainly because it deprives certain teams of players that they need in order to win their games.

The main reason this is a problem is because the English Premiere League is not taking a winter break. They had games scheduled starting December 6th and continuing into the first few days of January. The AFCON starts soon afterwards in order to avoid it being held during the rainiest time of the year.

UEFA Champions League Final

Another high profile sporting event taking place in 2022 is the UEFA Champions League Final. Set for May 28th in Saint Petersburg, Russia, it’s at the Krestovsky Stadium. Among the year’s most anticipated soccer events, it pits the winners of the league up against the UEFA Europa League. This match up will take place at the UEFA Super Cup, set to be held on August 10th.


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