solar cars are coming

The Guardian reports: “The world’s first mass-produced solar car”A streamlined, energy-efficient sedan-style vehicle covered in curved solar panels called “the” lightyear 0.”

The Dutch company Lightyear hopes to ship the vehicle for around $264,000 (€250,000 or £215,000) by November, but the company has plans. Another Solar Assisted Car It is priced at $32,000 (€30,000) as early as 2025.

Lead engineer Roel Grooten credits the efficiency of cars with factors such as “low rolling resistance of tires, bearings and motors”.

It is precisely this streamlined design that has allowed the company to enter a space long overlooked by most automakers….”If you had the same amount of energy harvested from the panels of another car, driving could be tripled. If you use energy, it’s useless. It’s a very expensive gimmick,” Grooten said. “We need to rebuild this car from scratch to make it as efficient and feasible as possible.”

According to the company, under optimal conditions, solar panels can add up to a 388-mile range that can charge up to 44 miles per day. test done by lightyear People with less than 22 miles of daily commuting can drive for two months in the Netherlands without plugging in, while sunny climates like Portugal or Spain suggest that they can go up to seven months….

In an effort to use this solar energy as much as possible, the windy design avoids side mirrors for cameras and uses lightweight electric motors mounted on wheels. The body panels are made from recycled carbon fiber, and the interior is made from fabric made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate bottles and vegan vegetable leather.
This article also refers to Mercedes-Benz Rooftop Solar Panel Plans for Upcoming Electric VehiclesToyota’s Prius Hybrid Limited capacity panels available as an add-on. Other companies planning solar-assisted vehicles include: sono motors and Aptera Motors.

solar cars are coming

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