Somali police announce curfew in the capital in Sunday’s presidential election – SABC News

Somali police have announced a 33-hour curfew in the capital, Mogadishu, which will keep almost all residents at home while parliamentary elections on Sundayincumbent Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed is running for a second term.

Police spokesman Abdifatah Aden announced at a news conference on Saturday that there will be a total curfew in the city, which affects both traffic and people, from Saturday at 21:00 (1800 GMT) to Monday at 6:00.

Police officers, security personnel and all other officials involved in the referendum are still free to move at this time.

An indirect election, in which MPs will elect a president, will take place in a hangar behind a bomb wall to help defend against possible Islamist attacks or interference by parties within the security services.

Mohamed faces 37 opponents in the vote, including two former presidents, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who analysts say are at the forefront of the party.

Initially, they were 39, but between Thursday and Friday, two candidates announced that they were quitting the competition.

Investigations are set to begin early on Sunday and are expected to continue well into the night amid a volatile security atmosphere as police fear Islamist group al Shabaab could try to carry out attacks to disrupt the event.

The Al Shabaab uprising has gripped Somalia for more than a decade, and Mohamed’s promise at his inauguration in 2017 to “finish” the group has not been fulfilled.

Al Shabaab says it wants to overthrow the central government of the Horn of Africa and establish its own government based on its strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law.

Somalia’s next leader will inherit a terrifying list of challenges, including the worst drought in 40 years, violent conflicts beginning in the 1940s, clashes over power and power struggles between government and federal states.

Arrak in town

To clarify the instability, a government force that had previously attacked the government attacked Dhuusamareeb, the capital of Galmudug state, on Friday morning, residents said.

Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama’a (ASWJ), a group of moderate Sufi Muslims, said he wanted to seize power because the federal government did not do enough to fight hardline militants.

“Let them put down their guns and help us eliminate al Shabaab,” ASWJ spokesman Abdisalan Aden Hussein told Reuters.

Residents said there had been heavy gunfire since dawn and ASWJ troops armed with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns had entered the town. But Galmudug’s information minister, Ahmed Shire Falagle, said the government had ousted them.

The president’s vote has been repeatedly postponed, jeopardizing the International Monetary Fund’s $ 400 million three-year support program.

Experts said former presidents Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh Mohamud were at the forefront of the party.

Ahmed took over as head of the Western-backed interim government in 2009.

Mohamud, a former scholar accused of failing to do enough to fight transplants while in office, has vowed to reconcile tribes and territories and hold a referendum on the constitution.

“Somalia cannot have a dictatorial leader,” he said this week.

Close rivals and likely royal producers in the second round of elections include Said Abdulahi Deni, President of Puntland, and Hassan Ali Khaire, former Prime Minister.

Some Mogadishu residents said they believed the election would be fraudulent and unlikely to change much. “We have seen such artificial elections before. I believe another liar will be elected, “said Fardawsa Ahmed, a restaurant owner.

Somali police announce curfew in the capital in Sunday’s presidential election – SABC News

Source link Somali police announce curfew in the capital in Sunday’s presidential election – SABC News

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