Sonia Mubere officially launches the alkaline water brand “Alkamax”

Sonia Mubere Officially launched her alkaline water brand Alkamax.

The star decides to broaden her horizons as she invests in water, which she claims to help others who are hungry for success.

Her adventures in the fishery will not only leave a mark on history books, but will foresee her changing many lives.

After successfully launching her alkaline water brand Alkamax at Melrose Arch yesterday, actresses, television producers and entrepreneurs have revealed that she is the first black woman to produce water in SA.

“This is a healthy lifestyle and drinking the right kind of water. The Ph balance of water is 10 plus. This means it is maximally alkaline and maximally pure. Feeling energetic. It is a kind of water that makes you have many benefits not only for your body but also for your mind.Sonia

Sonia states that it is important not only to enter the market as a female entrepreneur, but also to provide opportunities for others affected by the unemployment brought about by Covid-19.

“We want people to be hired. 2020 wasn’t easy and we were recovering in 2021 … it was hard. We didn’t have a job. You have multiple income streams. That’s why I urged me to get up and try other livelihoods, and I wanted my fellow South Africans to ride with me.“She says.

She said: “Everyone! With humble heart and gratitude, I will introduce you to my new baby @alkamaxsuperchargedwatersa 💦💧 Alkamax: Speedy supercharged water. Alkamax is TDS (total dissolution) at pH 10 and above. The first black-owned, proudly South African company that produces and sells 13-50 finest alkaline waters). “

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Sonia Mubere officially launches the alkaline water brand “Alkamax”

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