South Africa: Fire in Parliament

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Congress has confirmed that the relapse of the fire that swallowed the roof of the Capitol yesterday afternoon is now contained.

The fight against fire continued until midnight following the reappearance of the fire propelled by the strong southeasterly winds yesterday afternoon, requiring the deployment of rugged aerial fire extinguishers to enhance existing capabilities.

Firefighters applied a brave and brave fighting spirit to the fight for hours last night and were able to put out the fire by midnight.

The slowing down of the wind was very helpful and placed the firefighters in a favorable position to extinguish the fire.

As a result, reinforcements have been withdrawn and only 6 of the 10 fire trucks remain on site. It is hoped that more trucks will be removed in the morning. Firefighters stay on site to inspect different parts of the building.

More floors of the building containing parliamentary offices and support staff were completely destroyed, causing further damage. The roof of the flared building was completely destroyed.

Now that the fire has been contained, it is expected that work will be undertaken to establish the scale of the damage by conducting an interdisciplinary team of engineers who arrived in Congress yesterday.

The chairman of Congress praised the incredible work that the team of firefighters spent days to contain the fire, even in dangerous circumstances.

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South Africa: Fire in Parliament

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